5 thoughts on “What is the boscore prophet? What are the applications? Ask the great god answer”

  1. To understand the prophecy machine, we must know the application of the blockchain. The prophecy machine is supporting the application. The value of the chain extends from its currency attributes to the construction of transactions and rules. This extension will solve or improve the trust issues of many real worlds, thereby expanding the application boundary of the blockchain, and ultimately allows blockchain technology to be traded in transactions. Scenes outside the transfer.

  2. The BOS prophecy machine is a service for verified external data deployed on the DAPP smart contract deployed on the BOSCORE chain.

    BOS prediction machine service is a bridge connection, which can realize the credible response and message transmission from external sources. Therefore, when DAPP smart contract calls, the basic blockchain data access can be extended to verified external data.

  3. Are you talking about Baishikou's rehearsal machine? This kind of thing is just one. There is nothing to use, there is nothing to say. They are all deceiving things, just do n’t do it.

  4. Parenting machine installation on the larger electronic machine. He can tell you in advance where there is a problem. After you understand these situations, you can repair the self -service machine immediately.

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