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  1. The mobile game market is a big cake.

    As early as 2008 and 2010, Ma Yun publicly stated: "The game hurts minors, even if you starve to death."

    Ali said no, but his body was honest. It has always been using Taobao.com to provide convenient trading services for domestic game manufacturers and players. For example, from stand -alone game discs, game consoles, peripheral products, online game cards to game online items, virtual currencies, and then practice accounts.

    It is understood that from 2010 to 2014, the transaction volume brought to Ali every year was as high as 5 billion yuan. Under the huge interest, Ma Yun's commitment from the beginning has been broken. Even for a long time, the entire Ali Group expressed great ambitions for the game market.

    In 2013, Tencent rely on online game revenue to reach 8.475 billion yuan, and the total revenue of Ali in the same year was about 45 billion yuan.

    In the slogan "Donary Tencent's Family, I want to change the division ratio of the current gaming industry deformity", so Ali has plans to make game distribution.

    Liu Chunning, former general manager of Tencent Video.

    2014, Liu Chunning came to Alibaba as president of the digital entertainment business group, and was fully responsible for the development of the game business. Under his guidance, Ali set up a game distribution platform to adopt the division mode of game developers, Ali, Education Fund 7: 2: 1 to try to attract game developers to transfer Ali's Alipay, exchanges and Taobao, etc. on the platform. At the same time, Ali has also owns more than 60 million active users of these two platforms through the acquisition of UC and Jiuyou.

    The traffic resources of high division and UC have attracted a large number of developers and users. "Bows and Arrows", "Near Alliance A advance team 3", "Dot" and "Warm Traveling World" and other casual games, while the agent's products are the "Rings King" of American mobile game developer Kabam.

    The movement is constant, but in terms of actual effects, except for "Warm Traveling World", other games have not achieved good results. Explosive products have not really appeared.

    The attempts made by the game distribution platform were not successful, but UC created the foundation for Ali's later game business molding.

    In January 2016, the Alibaba Mobile Business Group officially renamed its UC Jiuyou "Ali Games" and intends to focus on the mobile game market. Ali Games conducts corporate operations, letting the President of UC Jiuyou Lin Yongsong served as the president of Ali's game, and Yu Yongfu, president of the mobile business group, serves as the chairman of Ali Games.

    At the same time, Ali Games began to distribute platforms such as pea pods, Jiuyou, PP assistant, UC App Store, Shenma Search, and jointly distributed platforms such as the Yunos App Store. The Ali application distribution platform followed the launch, and for the first time, the game distribution business was officially transferred from the marginal traffic trafficking of Alipay and Taobao to the vertical game distribution of the Ali platform. At that time, 350 million MAU's Alipay, 340 million MAU's Weibo, and UC browser over 200 million MAU provided sufficient traffic support.

    In half a year after the establishment of Ali Games, the "Alibaba Grand Entertainment Section" was also established. At this time, Ali Games was also renamed Ali Mutual Entertainment. Ali's large entertainment sector includes Ali's film industry, Youku Potato, Ali Music, Ali Sports, UC, Ali Games, Ali Literature and Digital Entertainment Division under Alibaba Group.

    On March 16, 2017, Shi Cangjian announced a high -profile announcement at the 2017 strategic conference of Ali Mutual Entertainment that Ali Mutual Entertainment officially entered the field of game distribution and brought 1 billion funds to help the game IP ecology. Co -launched the "IP Fission Program" with Ali Literature, Ali Pictures, and Youku Tudou. The IP fission plan shows that game developers only need to connect Ali Games, Ali Film, Ali Literature and other popular IPs will give developers and authorize them to make games.

    IP, as a weapon for game absorption, rely on its own popularity and content to ensure the initial volume and follow -up of the game.

    The third -party survey data shows that products with IPs in more than 10 million games in 2016 accounted for more than 70%. Obviously, the importance of IP to the game is evident. Therefore, game companies basically have a certain high -value IP reserves.

    This time, Ali's intention to use the game sword to refer to the IP ecological industry chain. And the results were also very obvious. In June alone, the unique product "Sword Soldier Spectrum" logged in to iOS to get the App Store boutique recommendation.

    On September 26, 2017, Ali Mutual Entertainment also watched the company's game research and development capabilities of Guangzhou Jianyue Games and acquired it under it.在加入阿里之前,简悦曾开发过《狂刃》、《暴击英雄》等知名游戏以及《陌陌争霸》、《天天来战》等多款手游产品,覆盖SLG、卡牌、ACT、 Simulation operations and other types. In the field of mobile games, the first month of "Momo Battle" was more than 12 million yuan in the first month, and the income of 10 million yuan within ten days of "Daily War" reached 10 million yuan.

    As Jane Yue became the last strategic puzzle in the Alibaba Entertainment ecology, the main action of Ali Mutual Entertainment Game business in 2018 is to fully develop the strength of Ali Grand Entertainment, so that each one is allowed to make each one. The product has a linkage effect.

    2017, Ali Games fancy a game "Travel Frog" overseas, thinking that this IP will bring huge commercial value.

    "Traveling Frog" is a placement type mobile game developed by the game company Hit-Point. This game can only be downloaded through the two platforms of the App Store and Google Play, and the Japanese version is genuine.

    soon, Alibaba reached strategic cooperation with Hit-Point to be authorized to be exclusively issued in mainland China.

    Is that without investing resources for publicity, "Travel Frog" immediately obtained the user's love with its own leisure and mild gameplay. Since January 21, 2018, it has begun to occupy the list of free game lists in China App Store. Among them, the total downloads on the iOS side in China exceeded 30 million. In addition, the total reading volume of UGC content generated on the related topics on Weibo also exceeds 2 billion, creating related hot vocabulary such as "Son" and "Old Mother", becoming a phenomenon level that spans age, gender, and different preferences. product.

    At the same time, in 2018, under the successive promotion of the IP fission plan, Ali Games officially developed and released a number of games, such as "Battle of Freedom 2" and "Martial Arts Qiankun" Tour, "Fire Like a Song", "The Burning of the Burning Will", etc. The launch of these games and the authorized "Travel Frog" made Ali Games stand firm in the domestic game market.

    This year, it can be said that Ali Mutual Entertainment has achieved the most outstanding year since entering the game.

    . However, sometimes the gap is still a gap. To rely on these products, Tencent and NetEase confrontation, which ranked first in the list of the Appannie distributor list at the time, is naturally not enough of. In 2018, Tencent only relied on the glory of the king, crossing the fire, the League of Legends, and the Dungeon and the Warriors, which brought more than 40 billion yuan in revenue a year. Netease Games relying on a domestic second -dimensional mobile game called "Yin Yang Shi", which received a revenue of 4.2 billion yuan.

    . At that time, the mobile game market at that time entered the era of severeization, the demographic dividend disappeared, and the channel itself became weak in traffic growth. There is no existence, the product has already been competing for the accumulation of research, development, and operation. For Ali Mutual Entertainment, it has only grown less than one and a half years.

    In 2019, Ali Mutual Entertainment has successively released several products such as "Three Kingdoms. Strategic Edition", "Wild Data 9: Racing Legend", "Changan Fantasy World" and other products.

    In Jianyue's research and development help, "Three Kingdoms. Strategic Edition" became the first explosive product born of Ali Mutual Entertainment.

    Since its launch, "Three Kingdoms. Strategic Edition" brought an income of $ 61 million to Ali Games, which is firmly in the mobile game TOP5 position, second only to "Glory of the King", "Fantasy Westward Journey" and "Peace Elite", the total flow was about 1/3 of the "Glory of the King" at that time.

    is also from this moment. Ali Games no longer unknown, he has gradually entered the vision of many players.

    It from the 2008 "starving and not playing games" to the current distribution, channels, joint transportation, R

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