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  1. Coin -collecting enthusiasts generally refer to ordinary coins that are usually common in common price as "junk coins." Most collectors often dismiss the garbage coins. In fact, there is gold in garbage coins, and clever collection of garbage coins can also be appreciated. The extremely ordinary coins can be upgraded to become Zhencoi after being hidden. This is not uncommon.

    The coin collector likes to collect circulating coins from all over the world. He was ridiculed as "professional households in garbage coins", but he didn't care and insisted on collecting for a long time. At a coin expo, he showed two seemingly ordinary coins, one was a complete Hong Kong dollar one immortal, and the other was a complete US dollar. These two sets of coins were dazzled by everyone present. It is said that before that, no one can complete the two sets of coins. One of the 1941 Hong Kong dollars was very small, and it was worth more than 20,000 yuan at that time, and the value of the entire coin was unavoidable.

    Then no number of 1 points, 2 points, and 5 points in RMB can be said to be every few years. Many people may never think that this kind of bull coins can be appreciated. In fact, some of the heads of collectors have long been collecting these paper coins. They collected the serial number of the Roman numbers on the ticket. Now it is known that there are 231 three Rome serial numbers, 89 Rome serial numbers, 2 points, 2 points, 2 points There are 129 Rome serial numbers, 64 Rome three Rome serial numbers, a total of 513 species. The market price of different paper numbers with different Roman serial numbers is as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

    The garbage coins in ancient coins are also worth collecting. Taking five baht money as an example, from Han to Sui Sui, in the history of more than 600 years, the five baht money was repeatedly cast every year, and the number of passed down was amazing. In the market, such coins are the cheapest, each with only 1 ~ 2 yuan. A collector found that although the text of the five baht remains unchanged, the style of the calligraphy has changed endlessly. Therefore, the various different versions of the five baht money are collected. After years of accumulation, there have been various versions of different versions. Don't reach more than 200 kinds. A Japanese collector had seen his collections even claimed that he was willing to buy it at a high price.

    The ordinary copper yuan collections can also win. In the coin market, the copper dollar garbage coins are sold only 1 ~ 2 yuan, such as a "Guangxu ingot" copper yuan. You can find it if you observe it carefully. Each "Guangxu ingot" from the dragon beard to the dragon claws and the dragon tail; From the decoration to the cloud pattern and the star point, almost every type of copper Yuan has many different versions. If you can be a careless person, you can collect about 30 people with the same variety but different versions of the ordinary copper yuan, then the value can reach the value can reach the value. More than a thousand yuan.

    It can be inspired from the above examples. As long as it is collected and cleverly collected, garbage coins also have a collection value and can bring high benefits.

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