What is good for dogs for more than 40 days?

My parents said that they ca n’t eat too much, and they do n’t let them buy it, so the dog food is gone. I recently feed the steamed buns and chicken liver and a little warm water. Started to eat diluted, there was a little green. Essence What should I eat for him?

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  1. [EM387] Puppies to the new home precautions:
    Dietary: First of all, you must be able to feed less, and then it is best to figure it out. Or did the original owner start eating dog food? If you have started eating dog food, you can know what you eat. It ’s best to eat. If you come back and continue to eat, you have to take it slowly, and slowly replace it with one to two weeks. If you can't know what to eat or just start meals, it is recommended to start with milk, dog milk powder, goat milk, baby milk powder, milk is not good ~ slowly start adding soaked dog food to the milk. Slowly add, if the pull is normal, increase the normal amount in about a week, and divide it into 4 meals at 2%to 3%of the weight every day ~ Remember to soak the dog food in warm water or warm milk, it must be soaked. It can be soaked in about 1 hour. In case you eat, it is better to heat it a little bit. This step -by -step feeding, generally no problems such as diarrhea are not adapted to diarrhea. Do not drink raw water. It is best to reduce half a day in the first few days of your home. Try to choose high -quality dog ​​food. Dog food generally does not need to supplement calcium trace elements.
    In immunity deworming: If the full moon must not be immune or not finished, the vaccine starts to injection after a week of breeding. You can take a bath after one needle. Reminder and immunity need to be staggered for more than 1 week, and puppies are 2 or 3 months of deworming. It is also imported better than domestic. Each use method is different.
    Essential supplies:
    dog food (finished dog food nutrition, balanced nutrition during development. Try to choose finished dog food. Import is better than domestic. It is better to eat homemade) ~
    The dog nest or cage (a dog's own home, so that the dog feels at home, it is best to spread the cushion inside, cover the list outside. Dogs frequently urinate are easy to clean up. When no one in the family is closed, it is to avoid causing disaster to prevent accidental foods from having danger) ~
    Disinfection, remember that drinking water cannot be broken, nor can you give raw water from water) ~
    The collar traction rope (before the vaccine can go out, simulation test at home makes him accustomed to traction, you can manage it in the future)
    -dedicated bath liquid, n towels (dog's skin acid and alkali value is different from human skin, and the ability to resist bacteria microorganisms is actually inferior to human skin, so it is best to use pet dedicated. All three -pin vaccine is completed You can take a bath after a week. Remember to take a bath during health. You can dry it completely. You can dry it. Take a bath with a deer -skinned towel super fine fiber towel. N pieces)
    What combing tools (even rarely hair removal puppies should often sort out to help blood circulation and let him adapt early)
    Be sure to choose not easy to tear and bite, it is recommended to be big beef bone sticks, gels suppressed in cowhide, leaky food, etc., puppies for 3-6 months to change teeth to teeth. Itchy teeth, reduce time when you are alone at home ~)
    icated disinfectant, cotton mop, dedicated bucket, watering pot, (disinfectant is best to use veterinary medicine, for virus bacteria that threatens dogs that threaten dogs, more virus bacteria that threatens dogs that threaten dogs. For targeted, pet shop pet hospitals are available. The cage house and the surrounding environment are conditional, and they are exposed to the diluted disinfection, disinfection and disinfection. Of course, a bucket of water and cotton mop is a necessary weapon ~)

  2. The dogs of about forty days are too small, and the intestines are not as complete. If the female dog's breast milk is insufficient, you can first feed Wang Yang milk powder to drink the little milk dog to add nutrition for the growth of the puppy. Only when the month is big, you can eat some digestive porridge or soft puppies.

  3. You can buy some calcium milk cakes and feed it softly, or you can feed some puppies for dog food, but be sure to soak it with warm water and then feed it.

  4. How can dog food be eaten? Do n’t eat dog food just a month after weaning, it ’s good to eat it. It can be softened with water, and it is more nutritious than the meal that it is separated. Of course, it is best to eat dog food, and it also save

    The dogs are so large that they cannot eat chicken liver. First of all, it will not digest well. I'm going to get sick, it will be poisoned, I only eat it once a week

    In the soft porridge now, add some rotten meat minced

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