3 thoughts on “What are the benefits of QQ group?”

  1. The group is a service for multiplayer exchanges launched by Tencent. After creating a group, the group owner can invite friends or people who have common interests to chat in a group. In addition to chatting in the group, Tencent also provides group space services. In group space, users can use a variety of communication methods such as forums, albums, and shared files.

  2. You can add your good friends to the group chat. If you are a real thing in reality, you can help you solve in the group. Such a group is really good! ~

  3. Let everyone discuss it together, the practical value of the QQ group is very high ... including some game friends .. Family ... Guild. They will use QQ groups to communicate ... for everyone to facilitate communication together Yes. You can also build a group with real friends
    , chat together ... pass the information! Basically that's it!

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