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  1. 1. The Internet service industry
    2, education and training industry
    3, agricultural
    4, tourism industry
    5, cultural and entertainment industry
    6, smart home
    7, elderly supplies and old age products Service industry
    8, passing biomedical industry
    9, health management industry
    10, information security analysis industry
    Internet service industry The speed has changed the traditional industry, and their huge gold absorption energy and the huge demand and desire for talents have also made the wages increase curve of Internet companies in the past two years.

    The education and training industry:
    The base age for the labor population in China is huge, and the needs of labor technology skills training are also huge. The potential of this industry can be seen from the New Oriental hot listing.

    From the perspective of entrepreneurship, the rural areas in my country used to be almost a blank piece of paper. Due to the red fire built in new rural areas and new suburbs, it has driven the needs of farmers and the prosperity of the rural market. It has spawned a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities, not only the enthusiasm of farmers' entrepreneurship, but also attracted the city and college students to start a business.

    The tourism industry:
    Future trends: Data show that in the past three years, the compound growth rate of China's online tourism industry has exceeded 30 %, making traditional travel agencies pay more and more attention to the power of the online tourism market.

    The cultural and entertainment industry:
    The previous blockbuster, it is not easy to make millions of millions. Now, a small piece of tens of millions of small films can also make a hundred and one billion box office. Behind this box office number shows the current desire for cultural needs.

    Sminton home:
    A statistical data shows that smart home appliances have potential customers in China, especially young people who are pursuing quality of life. Large is the biggest potential customer base.

    The biomedical industry:
    Future trends: Biomedical is the country's strategic emerging industry. Its pharmaceutical technology will become the initiative of future innovation and the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In terms of compensation strategy of R

  2. 1. Electronic industry
    demand position: electronic engineer, quality system engineer, production class chief, etc.
    2, automobile manufacturing
    demand positions: product development engineer, engine engineer, etc.
    3, medicine medicine, medicine Industry
    The demand position: new drug research and development, drug analysis, preparation R

  3. There are many professional ones, such as computers, auto repair, rail transit, chefs, etc. are all possible. I hope to help you, please adopt it if you are satisfied

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  5. 1. Car testing and maintenance
    The automotive repair is definitely more and more popular according to the current trend! But learning car repair is not a year or two, and experience accumulation must be experienced. Car maintenance and testing is a very good technology, and there is a lot of room for development.
    2, major in logistics engineering technology
    Employment direction: facing standard container companies, special container companies, canned container companies and its supporting companies, engaged in container production management, container inspection, container repair, box Dong representative, representative of box Dongdong, representative of box Dongdong, representative of box Dongdong, representative of box Dongdong, representatives of box Dongdong, representatives of box Dongdong. The technical work in the fields of the production process operations of the container can also be engaged in the technical and management work of the acceptance of container supporting materials and the cost control of production site.
    3. The Internet of Things engineering
    Employment direction: Graduates of the Internet of Things engineering can be in government management departments, scientific research institutions, design institutes, consulting companies, construction engineering companies, property and energy management, construction energy saving, energy saving of construction, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, and building energy saving, energy saving, and building energy saving, and construction energy saving, and building energy saving, and building energy saving, and energy saving, and construction energy saving, and construction of construction, Equipment and product manufacturing manufacturers and other units are engaged in the research, design, construction, operation, monitoring and management of construction energy conservation.
    4. Urban rail transit
    With the rapid development of my country's domestic economy, motor vehicles, high -speed rail, and subways have been opened in major and medium cities across the country, and they have a great demand for related professional service talents. Calculated by the ratio of 150: 1, in the future, in the future, nearly 200,000 professional service talents in major and medium cities across the country will be required. So far, the railway service staff has added huge posts. The prospects of high -speed rail flights and high -speed rail services are large, and the demand for professional talents is strong.
    5, intelligent networking
    Im network connectivity is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology. The integrated transportation management system that works in the range, real -time and accurate transportation management system. Intelligent network connectivity, automobile intelligent driving, and autonomous driving will inevitably become the rapid development of automotive -related industries and become a new economic growth point.
    6. Electronic information engineering major
    With the deepening of social informationization, most industries need professional talents in electronic information engineering, and the salary is high. After graduation, students can engage in the design, application development, and technical management of electronic equipment and information systems.
    7. Secret majors
    Employment direction: After graduation, students in this major can engage in the management of daily affairs and commercial trade affairs in business departments, industrial and commercial enterprises, and financial institutions. Essence
    8. Professional major of electromechanical integration technology
    Employment direction: Machinery manufacturing process design and implementation, work design and implementation, management and maintenance of electromechanical integration equipment, programming and operation of CNC machine tools.
    9. Computer software majors
    Employment direction: Computer software majors can work in computer software professional companies_Axin Consulting Company_ and Financial and other wholly -owned and joint ventures.
    10. Economic and finance major
    Employment prospects: Overall, financial major in recent years is relatively popular in applications, and its professional prospects are generally optimistic, but according to actual employment, polarization comparison comparison In severe, according to the observation statistics of the Wendu Education Economics Examination Center, it is found that the master's degree in finance of well -known colleges and universities, if the instructor has a greater influence, pays attention to practice during the school, and at the same time, the research skills are deeper. The annual salary is not a small number.
    Computer science and technology are a wide -caliber major in computer disciplines that are considering in computer systems and networks. It aims to cultivate high -quality computer majors with good scientific qualities, autonomous learning consciousness and innovative consciousness, scientific and engineering types of computer majors. Level engineering and technical talents.

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