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  1. Between 2017 and 2019, the number of births of the population in my country had a "three consecutive declines", and the decline in birth rates had the most direct impact on the growth of the infant market year. In this context, many maternal and infant brands are aimed at the group of pregnant mothers to find growth breakthroughs, and the consumer market for pregnancy has become a large incremental market for the mother and baby industry. On the other hand, the post -95s/00s young pregnant mothers joined the maternity army. The new surrogate mothers' consumption concept of consumption change, exquisitely pleasing to self -ism, coupled with the full release of the second child policy, has also given birth to new needs for pregnancy. Therefore, understanding the consumption needs, hobbies, and catalyst habits of the pregnant mothers have become effective weapons to reach the group.
    This, China ’s leading professional parenting platform and comprehensive parenting service provider-Parenting Network Complete Platform Unite Youku Parent-Child, initiating questionnaire surveys on the mother community APP and Youku parent-child channels; The research results were conducted in-depth analysis, and a "Exquisite Consumption" Research Report "Research Report of the New" Pregnancy "of Maternal and Baby Consumption-2020 for Pregnant Women" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). Based on the "4P" marketing theory, the "Report" is based on the product demand, consumption power, consumer scenarios and catalyst preferences of pregnant women, and decodate the core of the "exquisite consumption" of pregnant women. , Media promotion, etc. provide reference significance.
    . Focusing on product demand (PROCT)-Exquisite
    This market segmentation category accelerates penetration, nearly 80 % of pregnant mothers actively respond
    G pregnancy potential: The needs of pregnant mothers are fully excavated, The diversified consumption shows the "exquisite pregnancy"
    The mother and baby industry is developing towards subdivisions. The maternal and infant brands have fully tapped the consumer needs of pregnant mothers, making the pregnant products more segmented, covering the life of pregnant mothers " "Food", "Beauty" and "Xing". Subtime categories such as radiation protection clothing markets have emerged; the emergence of pregnant women's snacks makes pregnant women's food more segmented; pregnant women's facial nursing care, anti -stretch marks products, pregnant women's special makeup and other categories to make pregnant women's beauty/beauty categories more segmented ; Pregnancy activities have also increased subdivision projects such as fitness and birth courses for pregnant women.
    A pregnant mothers actively responded to this market segment. The "Report" shows that the purchase rates of folic acid, one -stop production packages, and maternity costumes during pregnancy are more than 90%. The purchase rate of snacks reaches more than 80%.
    B pregnancy potential: The rising of the "snack party" is rising rapidly
    The nutritional intake is the core appeal of the pregnant mother's diet. 86%of pregnant mothers will buy nutrition during pregnancy.
    Itdomyfests of pregnant women are often ignored in previous maternal and infants' investigations. There are not many existing products in the market, but in this "Report", 81%of mothers will buy unblocks of pregnant women during pregnancy. With the rise of the "snack party" of pregnant mothers, pregnant women's snacks have gradually become a blue ocean for the category of pregnancy.
    B pregnancy potential three: "Aesthetic Economy" penetrates the circle of pregnant mothers. More than 50 % of the pregnant mothers are willing to pay for the face value
    accompanied by the awakening of women's independence and autonomy, the beauty economy is no longer limited to young and unlike Women who are pregnant have gradually penetrated into the circle of pregnant mothers. Exquisite pregnant mothers have increased consumption demand for skin care products and makeup supplies, and they have a strong sense of "special".
    , on the one hand, their nursing standards are constantly increasing. 60%of mothers will use special skin care products during pregnancy during pregnancy. "Special consciousness" has increased by 15%compared to 2014. Waiting for basic care products are their favorite.
    On the other hand, pregnant mothers no longer respect the pregnancy of "plain faces facing genius health". Nearly 50%of mothers will make up during pregnancy. Pregnant women's lipstick/lipstick is their favorite item.
    is more interesting that compared with the new mother, the second child pregnant mothers seem to be more Buddhist: more than 60 % of the pregnant mothers have the consumer demand for stretch marks protection liquid, and they are willing to buy stretch marks protection. The second child of the liquid is less than 50 %. In response to such demand differences, two second -born mothers were interviewed in the "Report". They all said that because of the stretch marks when Huai Dabao had grown, the second child could only choose to face the Buddhist department during pregnancy.
    B pregnancy potential: swimming fitness Pilate, pregnancy must be burned, 1/5 pregnant mothers receive pregnancy exercise
    It from the consumption of pregnancy activities, you can also understand the "exquisite" essence of pregnant mothers: More and more pregnant mothers will consume exercise, which will increase the acceptance of shaping projects such as fitness, yoga, and swimming during pregnancy during pregnancy. It can be seen that healthy body management is also an indispensable part of the life of exquisite pregnant mothers.
    . Focusing on the consumer power (Price) -the essence
    Curation upgrade or consumption downgrade? Quality and cost -effectiveness are the ultimate pursuit of
    Is. One pregnancy potential: Six pockets have one baby. Most pregnant mothers do not have economic pressures
    The contemporary families are often inseparable from the support of both elders. Therefore, 55 %Of mothers said there was no economic pressure during pregnancy. In addition, the post -95 pregnant mother's economic pressure is higher than the post -85 pregnant mothers, and the economic pressure of the second child pregnant mother is slightly higher than the first pregnant mother.
    B pregnancy potential two: quality-based, supplemented by cost performance, spending money to spend the most
    . Focusing on consumer channels (Place)-Smart
    ", Decision preference online, shopping is difficult to settle offline
    B pregnancy potential: multiple decision -making, the influence of online platform expansion
    It is also more inclined to trust the Internet. 83%of the pregnant mothers use the mother and baby platform as the main channel for getting the mother and baby product information. More than 60%of the pregnant mothers tend to understand the mother and baby product information from the mother group.
    Due to the influence of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, pregnant mothers do not leave home and mainly rely on online platforms to obtain mother and baby product information. The influence has increased, and the influence of offline mother and baby shop shopping guide has decreased by 37%, which is the fourth place from the former consumer decision.
    B pregnancy potential: left -handed online shopping, right -hand physical store, online consumption ratio further expand
    online consumption ratio is further expanded, more than 70 % of pregnant mothers shopping through comprehensive e -commerce platforms, live broadcast platforms, vertical mothers Online channels such as infant e -commerce platforms are also important channels for pregnant mothers.
    Hiring the influence of offline maternal and infant shop shopping guides in the consumption decision -making process of pregnant mothers, as consumer channels, the support rates of community maternal and infant shops and offline chain maternal and infant shops are more than 50%. Maternal and baby brands have an important space for connecting with consumers.
    B pregnancy potential three: The popularity of the live broadcast platform has risen, becoming the fourth largest consumer channel for pregnant mothers
    The comprehensive e -commerce platform is the first choice for pregnant mothers. Since Weiya Li Jiaqi lives and brought the goods to the "out of the circle", the epidemic factor is superimposed, and the popularity of live broadcasts has risen. Shopping through the live broadcast platform has also become a new way of shopping. Although only 26%of pregnant mothers choose to shop on the live broadcast platform, they have become the fourth largest consumer channel for pregnant mothers.
    Fositioning marketing (PROMOTION) -Steiculous
    On the awakening of self-consciousness of pregnant mothers, learning while learning, defining chic
    B pregnancy potential: pregnant mother group's interest in the topic of mother and baby topics The degree of degree is further improved
    The topic of maternal and infants is the most interested in pregnant mothers, and compared with the entire mother and baby crowd, the group of pregnant mothers is more interested in maternal and infant topics.
    B pregnancy potential: Science awareness is strong, more than 90%of pregnant mothers study the breeding knowledge every day
    . With the penetration of scientific parenting concepts, learning has become part of the life of pregnant mothers. 93%of pregnant mothers are willing to be willing Take the initiative to learn every day. The maternal and infant platform is a "base" for pregnant mothers to enrich themselves. More than 90 % of pregnant mothers tend to obtain knowledge of breeding through maternal and infant platforms.
    In various types of breeding knowledge, pregnant mothers generally trust experts, and the trust of various experts has more than 75%. Mother (master) experience sharing articles are the "good heart" of pregnant mothers, and their preferences and trust in the heart of pregnant mothers are quite high.
    If the mother and baby brand to get a share in the pregnancy market, it is necessary to meet the continuous changes and upgrades of pregnant mothers. Improving "Exquisite Pregnant Mom".

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