1 thought on “What is a short self -introduction of a beautiful industry?”

  1. 1. I have been engaged in the beauty industry for nearly 4 years, and I love this industry that can bring people beautiful and healthy. After years of experience in the industry, it has accumulated more comprehensive technical experience and has strong professional communication skills, and work is positive. I believe that gold will always shine. 2. Study and study the theory and knowledge of beauty majors, and have strong beauty professional skills. Be familiar with theoretical knowledge of beauty technology, beauty products, beauty instruments and other aspects. Pay attention to studying and analyzing the forms of the beauty industry and development of various service skills, can strictly abide by the operation rules, meticulously complete each operation step, and get customers to get customers Recognition and trust. 3. Personality characteristics: I am dedicated and keen observation. Can cooperate with the team work well and do a good job of work from the overall interests. Have a positive attitude of work, willing to work hard and work hard without supervision.
    4. Work experience: Has 2 years of actual beauty artist experience, mainly responsible for receiving customers, proposing skin care and treatment, and targeted sales products. Because of his skillful and good service attitude, he has received great welcome from customers. I love the beauty industry very much, have a good sense of service, and sincerely look for like -minded. Beauty salon.
    5, good health, flexible mind, energetic, can endure hardships. With 2 years of actual work experience, love his job, he is enthusiastic and thoughtful for customers, and has been named "Outstanding Employees of Beauty Sympoling". And strong sales capabilities, good at communicating with customers.

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