What gifts are good for customers in the Mid -Autumn Festival?

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  1. 1. Moon cake. Recommended reason: Mid -Autumn Festival delivery of moon cakes is essential, but the moon cake is sent to send new ideas! It can be combined with tea and moon cakes. It is a good choice!
    2, red wine. Recommended reason: If the customer likes to drink, you can send red wine to the customer. Red wine is a healthy wine. Drinking red wine in moderation has many benefits to the human body. In the Mid -Autumn Festival, the customer took out the red wine you gave one day, and could not help but think of the scene in the Mid -Autumn Festival -at this time, the meaning of "gift" was really explained to the best.
    3, exquisite crafts. Recommended reason: If you feel that you eat too old, you can send some more elegant crafts. At the same time, you can design a design pattern and text on craft tea, print with blessings, and break the traditional gift mode, which is completely different from other gifts.

  2. In fact, the Mid -Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival in China. I think it is advisable to send customers to choose a traditional visit gift, such as high -grade high -grade tobacco, alcohol, sugar tea, and so on.

    1, the so -called Mid -Autumn Festival, the moon appreciation is so comfortable, and the tea has always been one of the traditional Chinese visit gifts, so the Mid -Autumn Festival may choose a box of good tea for important customers, It is recommended to choose the good West Lake Longjing, the top ten famous tea, the fragrance is far away, and there are more people who like to drink.

    . It seems that there are some old sets of moon cakes in the Mid -Autumn Festival. You may wish to use some popular pastry to replace it, such as high -end chocolate, recommend this customized chocolate I believe that a little surprise and accident can be brought to the customers of the Mid -Autumn Festival? Intersection

    The business person for customers to choose high -end red wine is also a good attention. The Mid -Autumn Festival carefully selects a set of French imports with Ang red wine to give it to customers Yipin Xiangze. choose.

  3. You can send some herbal tea to customers, because there may be a lot of moon cakes, and it is good for them to send herbal tea.

  4. It depends on whether the landlord wants to play the company's word of mouth or other other. If you want to make a word of mouth, customize gifts. Now it seems that the Lili Le gift card can be customized.

  5. Generally speaking, there are more moon cakes in the Mid -Autumn Festival. After all, it is full of moon, and there are other gifts, tea! Tea set! Fruit! Wait for some other gifts. Regarding what to send, you feel that you can get your heart, and you are loud and affectionate. Personally, I can also send moon cake soap, the pattern is very delicate, and the handmade soap is also very practical.

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