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  1. Remember the nice beauty shop name
    Is to remember the nice beauty shop name. Beauty in society in our current situation is a very popular beauty method. Opening a beauty shop to take a nice name also affects business. There are also many techniques to go to the beauty shop. The following names are shared.
    The nice beauty shop name 1 Beautiful rhyme
    The pinyin of the name of the beauty shop "Beauty Rhyme" is Měi Yùn, all of which are sound. When you read it, it is very nice and charming. The word "beauty" means that this is the meaning of a beauty salon, and it also means that the beauty service of this beauty shop is very good, which is very in line with the needs of a beauty shop to attract customers. The word "rhyme" means the unique charm, which means that this beauty shop can make people a beautiful charm.
    "Dance", the name of the beauty shop name of "Dance", means pian, which belongs to the sound. It is very nice to read, giving a feeling of beauty as a first love. The word "Duo" originally meant that the flowers were gorgeous, and the names of the shops used in beauty shops were as delicate and moving like people who had gone beauty; It is very effective and effective for the beauty of beautiful people.
    "Philip", the name of the beauty shop name of "Philip" is fēi zī, all of which are the first sound. It is very smooth and nice. I feel. The meaning of the word "Fei" is the feeling of this beauty shop that can enhance people's charm; The name is very good, and it can help beauty shops attract customers.

    The nice beauty shop name recommendation
    In addition to the names of the two words introduced above, there are other different beauty shop names. Next, it is the recommendation of some good remembers that I have compiled for your reference and reference.
    {Hua Weiyang}
    The pinyin of the name "Hua Weiyang" is huā wèi yāng, which belongs to Ping Ping's tone structure. It is very nice to read. , Chun Chang's beautiful feeling. And the word "Weiyang" comes from "Poetry · Xiaoya Tingxuan". The original text is "How about Night? Night Weiyang." Give people a kind of poetic and beautiful beauty. The expression of beauty shop "beauty".
    {Flower I want to be beautiful}
    "Hua Xiang Rong" means that everyone who comes to this beauty shop is a person who wants to become beautiful, and YW11 means that the service level of this beauty shop is very good. Beautiful meaning. "Beauty" is a straightforward meaning that this is a beauty shop. It is very easy to remember. If you want to want to be able to attract the name of the cosmetic shop like a cosmetic shop.
    {Xizi Mei}
    "Xizi" is also the meaning of Xishi. Xi Shi belongs to one of the four major beauties in ancient my country and is famous for its beauty. The name of "Xizi" as a beauty shop can attract customers' curiosity and attract customers. "Charm" is also the meaning of charm, which means that this beauty shop's beauty service can make people more attractive. The name "Xizi Mei" is pronounced xī zǐ mèi. It is very good to read and it is very suitable for beauty shops.
    Beai good memory shop name Daquan
    If the name of the beauty shop name mentioned above, the name of the beauty shop can not satisfy you, then, I also compiled some good remembers of different styles below The name of the store, I hope to help everyone.
    The names of the two characters are good for the good beauty shop
    Dancefishi Miyuki Yalan Concubine
    Solili Baiwei concubine Ruo Su
    Ilisa Rosemary Fen Meiyue Jimei
    Rong Tingzhu Lili Meirong Pavilion Zo Deng
    Nisi Meiyi Fang Mengna Inn
    N Tianyu Yu Meiren Meiren
    Meimei Dreaming Qian Na Mei Rou Ting
    n Water Ya Qingcheng loves me Jiu Jiu Yimei
    Xianmei Sakura Luo Shi Shi Ting Qiqing
    concubine Man Deni Meifu Road

    Ilads to the nice beauty salon name
    Xizi Daiyi Renfang Skinna Ga Na
    Ti Yafu Women's Street Peach Blossom Fang Yanli Pavilion n Li Guan Hua Xiangrong
    凝 凝
    Iti Weiyang Huan Yanfang Midalin Abrara n Four words good memory shop name Daquan
    Imei Express Line Yi Mei Emperor Mei Lai Mei and Film
    Aviyi Ocean Goddess Mei Ji Tribe Yaomi Beauty One Hundred
    Is the name of good beauty shops 2 Xinxin Xiangrong
    It is taken from the homophonic of "Xinxin Xiang Gong", and this "Rong" word instead is used here, naturally it means the appearance of the car. Therefore, it is also referred to as a car beauty shop; the meaning of Xinxin Xiangong Rong is to indicate that the owner is happy to drive in the store to make beauty in the store, which is metaphorically satisfied with the service and technology of the store. Development and prosperity.
    The word is also a homophonic method that uses the word "qi" into the "steam" of the car, and the two words of the auto school are beside them. Yu refers to the car beauty shop, and the name seems to be very atmospheric, which can make the car beauty feel a high -end service.
    Xiao Erxi
    Xiao Erxi's name is very special, which can be remembered at a glance; in fact, you can understand the meaning of this name. It is also said that the store is serving everyone; the hi word is the pursuit of service goals, which means that customers are happy, and they also mean that their own stores are booming.

    It micro -to
    It micro -to this name means subtle and thoughtful, the meaning of doing things seriously, can be done well; and the car is high -end consumer goods, and the customer's attention is high. This illustrates the service that can serve the customers to be satisfied, so that customers are satisfied with peace of mind.
    I unique car beauty shop name cases
    It I will analyze a case for everyone from the aspect of the store, you can learn about some good and bad places; let's take a look at the unique car beauty shop naming Case.
    [shop owner information]
    registered place: Guangzhou
    The selected industry: car beauty
    Five elements analysis: The five elements of the industry have gold, it is best to name the five elements of the soil, The word gold.
    Analysis of eight characters: The owner's birthday eight characters are used to use God as the fire. It is best to name the word with five elements as fire, which can help the owner's business developed and the financial resources are rolling.
    The name of the owner: Guo Yanwen Gender: Male
    birth time: 6:36 on August 17, 1982
    [Recommended name]
    Comprehensive score: 93 points
    In words analysis:
    From the perspective of the five elements of the industry, the names need to be helped, the sacred characters, and Yizi five acts, and the names to help the store in the industry. Essence
    Te financial analysis:
    The hexagrams of the name are damaged hexagrams. In order to develop a business, the hexagrams must be invested. Everything should have a degree, avoid fraud and greed. It is the most difficult for the world to be yourself. Be sure to strictly ask yourself, work hard, be flexible, and strive for success.
    Auspicious analysis:
    (magnificent) Rising sun is rising, magnificent, authoritative, and fame.
    Master's comment:
    The names of the name of the Shengyi Industry, the hexagram is a loss of hexagram, the hexagram is auspicious, the total grid 23 paintings, the total grid is good, the name Shengyi is a wide range of wealth of the store, big, big, big, big Zhan Hongtu's good name!
    Name communication
    The words appearing in the shop name of the word are 999 times. The words that appear in the store name are 510 times. "Shengyi" has 1390,000 entries in Baidu, and it has a strong spread.
    The unique and attractive car beauty shop name
    The auto beauty industry is so fierce that a unique and attractive name can have a good help effect. The name is for everyone for reference.
    {01}, Lotte Qin Dingxin Yijia Tanglong
    {02}, Huaxia Octopus Maraz Ai Jiaca
    {03}, 飚 飚 n {04}, Xingjie Hongmeng Afis car beauty care
    {05}, Xinlong Gelin Omia Oba
    {06}, Yongyu Haoxingxin Rong Big Oska
    {07}, Qifuhong Ji Laoder Rongxingyuan
    {08}, Zhiping Chenyang Magel Zhongnaixin
    {09}, Gaoke Hualong Baiyou Card Bayikai
    {10}, Xinnan Hua and the United States, Europe and the United States
    {11}, a Shenglongchang Golden Triangle Formula
    {12}, Rui Hengkai Kim Bosheng

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