Selling mobile phones requires those simple techniques. How can I catch the customer’s psychology

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  1. Watching who uses mobile phones, what functions are promoted, such as the elderly, then I recommend a few mobile phones with less features, large keys, and large screen characters. The machine requires skin care.
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    2. Ask what the customer needs.
    3. What price.
    4. Let's introduce a model first. Don't introduce all the models of your brand. This will make the customer feel dizzy and I don't know which one is better. An introduction one by one, customers don't like this one to say the next one.
    5. Most of the customers think, the humanization of the function of the mobile phone is not a big vernacular, so that the user can understand it. Woman.
    6. After the customer purchase, the precautions for using the machine will be explained between the customer. 1 is to make the customer feel that your service is good, and you may bring the customer again. 2 is to explain the precautions, the customer will not say that you do not explain when you introduce your mobile phone, and then find the back account with you, do not find things for yourself.
    Ittas can only be experienced by your real work. This is a random strain job. You cannot use a pattern to set it.
    On how to sell the mobile phone before playing

    This to sell the mobile phone successfully, it is not possible to go to the battlefield without preparing, and the advance information war is also necessary.

    1. Positioning of the target consumer group. We must know which group we plan to sell products to, what kind of consumption characteristics do they have, and what are the reasons for their products. Only by determining the target consumer group, the sales propaganda can be targeted, can it be targeted, avoid blindness and waste.

    2. Products. What is the selling point of competitors? How did they promote it? What is the unique selling point of the mobile phone? Just find a little demand for strong demands.

    3. Price. Is our price compared to competitors? What is the reason for our opponents? What is the reason for our opponents higher than us? How much is our price set?

    The simplicity for the sales of mobile phones is the grasp of consumers' psychological and intellectual fighting.

    1. Want to capture the strategy

    This to seize the cause, "capture" is the purpose, "vertical" is the means. How to use this "vertical" method? The trick is: When you talk to your customers, you can show a careless attitude, that is, he doesn't care about whether he can sell the goods to him. This attitude can attract customers' interest. Why is this so? The reason is not complicated. If the salesman does not sell seriously when selling, customers will think that the prospects for the market for the market to sell are optimistic, "the emperor's daughter is not worried about marrying, or the salesman neglects himself. Former psychology, he will mobilize his desire to buy ; Later psychology will enhance his desire to perform. He will try to let others see how the salesman is negligible, that is, how to show how he is neglected as an important person. , Bring the salesman's opportunity to succeed.

    This strategy is especially suitable for those who are self -use and self -righteous.
    2. Stimulation of emotional strategies

    The emotional strategies can also be called "stress strategy". Its connotation is: to inspire the other party's emotions in stimulating language, let the other party let the other party let the other party. The mood of emotions, losing rationality, and the drive of impulsive emotions to do something we expect him to do.

    For example, in a store in the United States, a couple feels very like a diamond ring. Interest, but the price is too expensive, he hesitated. Seeing this, the salesperson said to them? One of the presidential wives also loved this ring, just because I didn't buy it. " After listening to this, the couple immediately took out the money and bought the expensive diamond ring, and they were very proud.

    . As the saying goes, "persuasion is worse than excited." If the salesperson persuaded from the front, the couple may not be able to buy the diamond ring. The opposite of the instepted generals helped them to make their determination. Because people have self -esteem and a sense of honor, the couple are no exception. When they heard that the President's wife also liked this diamond ring, but because it was too expensive to buy it, strong self -esteem and contention were inspired. As a result, the salesperson achieved the goal.

    . Although the method of excitement is a common language strategy in marketing negotiations, it is also limited. It is worthy of the salesperson to pay attention:

    (1) The use of the excitement method depends on the target object. Essence

    This generals are not applicable to anyone. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for those who are not very rich in negotiation experience and are easy to use. As for those who have a stable and sensible experience, it is difficult for them to play a role in their body. For those who are cautious, inferior, and introverted, they are not suitable for the use of excitement. Because of the irritating language, they are mistaken for their misery and laughter, and they are likely to cause resentment. Therefore, the use of stimulus depends on the target.

    (2) The use of stimulating Fa words should be particular.

    not a language can stimulate the emotions of the other party. The edge is too exposed and too humble, and it is easy to form confrontation; and the language is weak, it is not painful or itchy, and it is difficult to fluctuate the other party's emotions. Therefore, when using the excitement method, you must pay attention to the "degree" of words. It is too late to prevent "over".

    (3) In the use of the attitude factor of the stress, the attitude must be taken into account

    The must be pointed out that "the general uses" generally uses words, not "attitude", and must not be for the sake of excitement. Throwing your face and shooting a table, this not only damaged the demeanor of the negotiator, but also allowed the other party to have a disgusting psychology. According to relevant records, Khrushchev often uses the means of falling shoes to stimulate the opponent in negotiations. As a result, not only did not achieve the goal, it also became a joke in the negotiation community.

    3. Case inspiration strategy

    The so -called case enlightenment strategy is to persuade each other, not directly, but to list some similar events, let the other party learn from it, receive it from it, receive it from it, and receive it from it. Enlightenment, understand the truth, and accept your opinions.
    4. Borrowing the "brick" knocking on the door

    In the various industries, the marketing industry is one of the most difficult industries. Many salespersons want to sell his products, but they are suffering from entering or getting difficult to get in. Although he smiled and respectful, he often got cold faces and disdain his expression.

    5. Borrowing the name fishing strategy

    The so -called borrowing of famous fishing strategies is to use celebrities, famous brands, and victory to increase the popularity of their products and achieve marketing marketing Purpose. Psychology shows that "name" has a great temptation to people, and because people have the worship of authority, they have greatly enhanced the persuasiveness of "name".

    6, humor's strategy

    Human humor is everywhere. In the marketing industry, it is still a strategy.

    7. Pretending to show stupid strategies

    In the eyes of ordinary people, excellent salesmen are strong people who are suspended rivers, sensitive reactions, smart and capable. Sometimes, those salesmen who seem to be "stupid and stupid", "awkward", and "ask three ask three unknown" have repeatedly won at the negotiating table. It turned out that they adopted the strategy of "pretending to be stupid", that is, the fool who deliberately put on nothing to understand ", so that the tough opponent" hero is useless ".

  2. Essence Essence The technique is to do homework and understand the performance, functions, market positioning and applicable people who are familiar with the mobile phone products sold, in order to make appropriate product promotion services based on the actual situation and performance of the customer to attract his interest or curiosity, generate Buy desire.

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