Furniture store sales techniques and words: capture the five psychological characteristics of customers

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  1. It is important to do sales is to study consumers. Only by touching the purchase habits of consumers can we better use sales actions. Below I take store sales as an example to talk about the five psychological stages of customers in the shopping process:

    1, doubt, what is this?

    This is the stage of attraction of customers. Customers are curious and spontaneously walk towards the psychological process of products. For example, when you see many people walking around, they will be curious to walk over to see what happened.

    As long as the customer needs the demand, we will have the opportunity to sell the product to him. So in-door-shop-sales, attracting customers over half.

    2, oh, then?

    This is the stage where the customer wants to listen to the product introduction. Customers want to know the related attributes of the product.

    Is to introduce the product in a simple one or two sentences to seduce customers' greater desires and strive for more communication time.

    3, ah, so.

    . After receiving the product in the heart of the customer, he began to feel that he "seemed to be necessary to buy", "Yes, really want to buy".

    This is a turning point. Demand sales staff stimulate customers through product display and other methods to completely stimulate customers' needs.

    4, um, do you buy or not?

    This is the stage of customer thinking and measuring. Although you do n’t want to buy it, you will not shoot immediately. Will there be problems such as "this expensive?", "Go back to think about it?"

    At this time, it is necessary to sell it next to it-fire. In short, it is the concerns of taking the customer's heart.

    5, okay, I bought it.

    This is the stage of determination to buy by customers.

    In-door-shop-sales, what we have to do is let customers go step by step along this psychological stage. As long as there is no deviation, it is a perfect sales process. Okay, how do we do every stage? There is a chance later, let's discuss it slowly.

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