In the Ningde era, sodium ion batteries were released, can Zeng Yuqun subvert the battery industry?

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  1. A series of topics such as "historical moment", "oil hegemony are facing flames", "Ningde Times detonated the energy revolution" ... and so on. Based on the excited heart trembling hand to open a piece of information, I thought it was a technology -oriented initiative, and the new energy was substantially broken.
    This, I have to admire the advertising marketing capabilities of Ningde Times. I have pushed myself to the focus of remarkable through a series of means.
    But after some operations, the benevolent sees the wisdom and wisdom, leaving only a chicken hair. After finally pushing the stock price to more than 500, it was beaten back to its original shape. Why do you want to blow the most powerful cows and attract the most poisonous slap?
    It as we all know, the Ningde era is to catch up with the new energy dividend window. It can only be dependent on imports. The Ningde era was a company that was included in the "domestic power battery whiter list" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Of course, it has become the best choice for many car companies.
    , there is a big hand covering the sky suddenly. The blade battery will always be separated from the shadow of the new energy vehicle. A fatal blow to the ternary lithium battery that repeatedly occurred in the spontaneous combustion accident. Safety and battery life. When the two are facing choices, I believe that more car companies choose to increase battery life on the basis of safety, rather than ignoring the hidden safety hazards to improve the battery life.
    The sodium ion in Zeng Yuqun's mouth is really amazing?
    It, for sodium ions, it was not only entered into people's attention in the past two years. It has been developed as early as the 1990s. Choose a lithium ion battery. The true breakthrough of sodium ions was in December 2018. Professor Xia Hui of Nanjing University of Science and Technology cooperated with the Chinese and foreign teams to create important progress in the study of manganese bases in the research of manganese bases.
    From this, sodium ions were paid special attention to the power battery manufacturers, which also led to the opportunity to be filed for sodium ion batteries. It is time to commercialize the sodium ion battery.
    Theoretically speaking, sodium ion batteries are not as good as energy density compared to the ternary lithium, but the safety and service life are much better; Even more, its safety is better than the lithium iron phosphate, and the energy density is higher. The energy density of BYD blade batteries is 140Wh/kg. Step technical research and development efforts to increase energy density to 200Wh/kg.
    and these are only data in the test phase. The specifics have not yet reached the substitution and application of power batteries. As for the authenticity of the data, there will be no great disparity compared to the authenticity of the data.
    The fundamental cause of promoting sodium ion batteries
    The many advantages of sodium ions are indeed obvious, but huge research and development and applications are also unimaginable. Especially under the fierce trend of power battery technology disputes, the ternary lithium batteries have declined, and the status of the rivers and lakes in the Ningde era is also at stake.
    In in the first half of this year's installed capacity data, my country's power battery vehicle volume is 52.5GWh, of which the three yuan battery installation volume is 30.15GWh, an increase of 139%year -on -year, accounting Lithium battery installed vehicle volume was 22.22GWh, an increase of 368.5%year -on -year, accounting for about 42.3%of the total installed vehicle volume. The offensive of lithium iron phosphate on the ternary lithium battery is an overwhelming victory, and this trend will continue to rise with the cost of compressing.
    In addition to cost, the reason why lithium iron phosphate is preferred by car companies is mainly because of its safety. In the spontaneous combustion incident of new energy vehicles, the safety of power batteries is first. I do n’t want to see the uninterrupted safety hazards of their own products, and it happens that the safety of lithium iron phosphate is higher than that of ternary lithium batteries, thereby promoting the increase in sales of lithium iron phosphate batteries.
    . Although the Ningde era was also supplied on lithium iron phosphate, it was BYD to the extreme to maximize the safety of lithium iron phosphate. The blade batteries developed by BYD further increased the energy density and safety of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Especially with the increase in the capacity of the blade battery and the decrease in cost, the future open market supply is inevitable, which has caused a huge threat to the Ningde era.
    This counterattack, what is the chance of Ningde era?
    The three -yuan lithium battery has made the Ningde era successfully stepped on the high -density dividend air outlet, but the pride of the Ningde era, the ternary lithium battery is being chased by lower cost iron phosphate batteries. Under the pressure of the Ningde era, a breakthrough must be made to stabilize the status of Ningde era, and sodium ions that have been put on hold for decades have become Zeng Yuqun's life -saving straw.
    It sodium ion battery products of Sino -Haihai sodium in September last year had been mass -produced. At that time, the battery capacity was 300,000/month. It was the world's first sodium ion battery with independent intellectual property rights. This made the Ningde Times see hope, thinking that as long as it is grasping the sodium ions, it can be firmly invincible.
    but sodium ion is really so easy? Can Ningde era subvert the battery industry with this?
    Theoretically, theoretically, it is unlikely. Sodium ion batteries have already been mass -produced in my country. Zeng Yuqun throwing this topic is just a new bottle of old medicine, and it is not sure. Sodium batteries are neither new nor disruptive technology. Earlier, some foreign countries have invented related technologies, but they have not been further researching and applied, indicating that they will actually encounter some problems.
    For example, the energy density of sodium batteries (generally less than 120Wh/kg) is significantly lower than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries (160Wh/kg) and ternary batteries, so new energy vehicle batteries have low requirements. The possibility of mainstream technology in the field of power.
    The most important point is that the actual production cost of the current sodium battery has no significant advantage. Zeng Yuqun didn't mention this word. He didn't understand the chairman of the Ningde era? No, he understands, but he won't tell us.
    "BYD Han EV high-speed collision domestic new energy-blade battery fire and explosion" I believe many people see more than just collisions. I believe many people see a game of ternary lithium batteries and blade batteries. We Do not guess whether there is a dark box operation behind it, but at least it can see that the blade battery has threatened the status of the ternary lithium battery. In the Ningde era, there is really no retreat. If there is no killer's sacrifice, it is only a matter of time by BYD.
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