How to open an interior design studio?

What human resources do I need to open an interior design studio? What personal abilities do I need? What procedures are needed? How to have a venue? How to have customer resources? Is there any other factors?

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  1. 1. Starting from your personal level, your professional level is great. You have your own work website, and your work is recognized by many people. This is the foundation, and you must continue to exercise yourself in professionalism.
    2, and then your client will gradually find you. It may be a recommendation in your circle of friends, or it may be from someone else to see your good work. In short, if the foundation is hard, someone will always find you, but if your professional level is still average, then I suggest you start cultivation first.
    3, after these are mature, your case amount must reach at least to feed yourself, and then you can't finish it and start to recruit people. Even if there are only one or two assistants, congratulations, you have started to be on track. Maybe some ways to find a case are to find some similar to Zhu, or go to Taobao to find it.
    4, indoor design studio is a better way to acquire customers in the media for the media. You need to write well dry goods and articles to express your own views, but it is a test of ability and time. As a supplement, I have to recommend our entrepreneurial products, specifically provide marketing and promotion tools provided by the decoration design industry. By recording the process of each decoration project and customer interaction, while meeting some management and communication needs, it is more important. It is a precipitation content, becoming a tool for customers and promotion.
    5, you can attract the onlookers through the circle of friends or WeChat groups, and then convert it into a contract by continuous update. You can also invite owners to participate in interaction and let the owner help you forward, so that his friends can also see your information directly. This method is to attract customers and transformation by sharing the decoration process and interaction.

  2. Many people choose to cooperate with the decoration institution when they are under the interior decoration, but there are also some owners who usually find the construction team themselves, but they have no professional knowledge in the interior design. At this time, everyone will think of cooperating with interior design studios. At present, many domestic interior design studios can provide design professional design drawings. The owner can choose to find the construction team for decoration, which brings more to the owner. There are many choices, so what are the well -done interior design studios in China?

    In interior design studio recommendations: Shanghai No. 1 Design Room Design Studio r
    This is an interior design studio specializing in villa design. The studio only does indoor design and does not do construction. It is mainly for the owners who can find the construction team by themselves, but the lack of design drawings. Because the performance of the designer and the construction team's performance No hook, so the designer's work is very pure, and it is very professional in interior design. The company's designer experience is more than 8 years.
    Address: No. 3050 Hechuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (near Wuzhong Road)
    mobile phone: 13661792008

    The interior design institutions named after the founder's name of the interior design studio. The young but experienced designer team can bring a new design concept to the customer and perfectly integrate the customer's personal preferences and design styles in perfectly in the design style. Together, there are ease in the interior style of modern American, modern minimalist, Nordic, American, and simple, and have rich cases. It is an indoor design studio trusting for young fashion people.
    Tel: 023-67982484
    Address: Unit 1509, Mocoa Museum, Yubei Longhu
    Recommended indoor design studio 3: Wuhan Kong · Interior Design Studio
    Kono interior design studio was founded by the design director Kong Xin. The concept of the design studio is to provide a dream process for each owner to help them find their long -awaited lifestyle. Therefore The design studio attaches great importance to the owner's personal preference. Before the design, it will communicate with the owner for a long time to ensure that your design plan can reflect the owner's personal taste to the greatest extent.
    This: Building 716, Building 716, Buho13, Heping Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan City

    The above is the domestic doing now for everyone today The better interior design studio, compared to some traditional decoration companies, many owners prefer very interior design studio cooperation, because the indoor studio is now founded by individual designers. Pursuing personalized young owners is particularly suitable. At the same time, you also remind everyone that when choosing an interior design studio, you may wish to refer to the previous cases of the studio, and at the same time, it is best to communicate with the designer in person, so as to ensure that your intention is maximized.

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