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  1. jewelry wholesale grand rapids michigan The volume, the amount is the volume, and the volume refers to the significantly enlarged transaction volume compared to the previous period. For example, the turnover of the whole day yesterday was 100 million, and today it suddenly turned 400 million, which was the volume. If it becomes 110 million today, it is not counted. The volume is relatively speaking. Yesterday 100 million, it became 150 million today. You can also say that it has a capacity.
    The relative measurement and continuous volume of the amount of the capacity. Relators refer to compared with yesterday, this week and last week; the continuous volume refers to comparison of the amount in the past few days and a certain day of the previous period. Some stocks are often found in the stock market operation. For example, the transaction volume suddenly doubles, and a huge amount of hands is achieved in the short term. Zhuang, investors can judge according to the position of the volume, the K -line form, etc.: "The stagnation of volume" is an ominous sign. If a large number of transactions are released, the stock price will be on the spot. It is usually the main force to attract the wind and follow the wind disk, indicating that the main force is determined, and the market outlook is not optimistic. When the decline is to collect Xiaoyang, we need to prevent the main force from building the bottom of the fake. After falling below the fake bottom, it is often the beginning of a new round of decline. The high volume fall is a reliable signal of weakening the stock price, and investors should stop loss in time.
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    The volume is in two cases. One is because the holders are not optimistic about the trend of the stock price backlord, and there is a large range of selling. In this case, the transaction volume will be magnified one day, even a certain period of time. Another situation is that because investors who hold coins on the market are optimistic about the trend of the stock price backlord, they have entered the market to buy. In this case, the transaction volume will also be enlarged one day or a certain period of time. Of course, after the main force settled, this phenomenon will also appear when entering the start or testing. However, in the stock, we can exclude the first situation (that is, the holder is not optimistic about the market), because the release here is all emerging under the premise of the stock price rising.
    . Therefore, through the phenomenon of continuous recovery of stock prices, the sudden amount of sudden capacity occurred in this process was due to the injection of off -site funds. So this kind of funds are retail investors, short -term investors, or have the main funds caused by ambush in it? We can analyze this from the real trend in the process of volume at that time. The author had been following the stock at the time, and now I will share with you the experience of following the market.
    During the rise of the stock price, a large number of buying orders appeared on the buying market frequently. There are often three places to buy Er and Buy. When the stock price rises up to a certain period of time, there will be occasional buying a large number of buying on the market. In this process, the initiative paying orders are more positive. On the day of the amount of volume, the amplification of the transaction volume was released mainly due to the active buying order in the disk, and the phenomenon of upward phenomenon occasionally occasionally appeared during the operation of the day. After the stock price rose to a certain degree on the day, Xiang Bao would lower the stock price to lower the stock price. At the same time, they are selling around, and sometimes they are selling five large sales orders on it. Readers and friends can imagine that if the recovery line appearing here is led by retail investors, how do you explain when buying a big hand that is hung up in Er and Buy three places? Is it because they are lined up in the queue? In theory, there is such a possibility. As long as retail investors intend to buy at this price, this kind of handwriting will be paid.

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