custom metal jewelry tags wholesale The difference and application of public key and private key.

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  1. wholesale fire opal jewelry In real life, I want to transfer one Bitcoin to Yiyi. I need to enter my bitcoin wallet address, Yiyi wallet address, transfer to Bitcoin in the Bitcoin trading platform, Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin client Quantity, handling fee. Then, after we waited for about ten minutes, after the miners processed the transaction information, the one Bitcoin was successfully transferred to Yiyi.

    This process seems very simple and convenient. It is no different from our current bank card transfer, but do you know how this process is realized in the Bitcoin system? What principles do it hide? Or, how can it guarantee that the transaction can be carried out in a safe environment?

    Let's talk about it today.

    For the transferor and the receiver, that is, I and Yiyi (I am a transfer party, Yiyi is the receiver). We all need to issue two things: wallet address and private key.

    I first talk about the wallet address. The Bitcoin wallet address is actually equivalent to bank cards, Alipay accounts, and WeChat wallet accounts. It is the "voucher" of Bitcoin payment transfer. It records the transfer information between the platform and the platform, wallet and wallet, wallet, and platform.

    It we need a password when we use bank cards, Alipay, and WeChat to transfer. Then, in Bitcoin transfer, there is also such a "password", which is called "private key". After grasping the private key, we have grasped its right to kill the right to kill on the address of Bitcoin.

    "Private Key" is the concept in the "asymmetric plus algorithm". There is another concept corresponding to it, named "public key".

    The public key and private key, literally we can understand that the public key can be public; and the private key is private, you own, you need absolute confidentiality.

    The public key is calculated based on the private key. The Bitcoin system uses the oval curve encryption algorithm to calculate the public key based on the private key. This makes the public key and the private key formed the only corresponding relationship: when you use one of the key encryption information, you can only decrypt with the other key to match. Therefore, it is based on this unique relationship that they can be used to verify the identity of the information sender and can also achieve absolute confidentiality.

    Let's take an example. In the asymmetric addition algorithm, the public key and the private key operate.

    Is we know that the public key can be made public, so everyone knows our public key. During the transfer process, I must not only ensure that Bitcoin is transferred to Yiyi, not to others, but also to let Yiyi know that these bitcoin was transferred to her, not deer, nor leeks.

    The bitcoin system can meet my above demands: Bitcoin system will shorten my transaction information into a fixed -length string, that is, a paragraph, and then attach my private key to this abstract On the top, a digital signature is formed. Because the digital signature implies my private key information, digital signatures can prove my identity.

    In completed, the complete transaction information and digital signature will broadcast to the miners together. The miners use my public key to verify and see if my public key and my digital signature can match. If the verification is successful, there is no problem, then it can be explained that the transaction is indeed issued by me, and the information has not been changed.

    In next, the miners need to verify whether the Bitcoin cost of this transaction is a "unsuccessful" transaction. If the verification is successful, it will be put into "unsolved transactions" and wait for being packaged; if the verification fails, the transaction will be marked as "invalid transaction" and will not be packaged.

    In fact, the public key and private key are simple understanding: since it is encrypted, then it must not want others to know my news, so I can only decrypt Encryption, the private key is responsible for decryption; in the same way, since it is a signature, it must not want someone to impersonate my identity. Only I can publish this digital signature, so it can be obtained: the private key is responsible for the signature, and the public key is responsible for verification.

    In here, let's briefly summarize the content above. The above we mainly talk about these words: private key, public key, wallet address, digital signature, the relationship between them, let's take a look:

    (1) The private key is randomly generated by the system, the private key is randomly generated, and the private key is randomly generated. The public key is calculated by the private key. The wallet address is calculated by the public key, that is: private key -public key -wallet address, such a process;
    ) Digital signatures are calculated by transaction information private key information. Because the digital signature implies private key information, it can prove your identity.

    The private key and public keys are all in the category of cryptography. The "oval and encryption algorithm" in the "asymmetric encryption" algorithm is used to ensure the security of transactions. Two The role of the person is:

    (1) Public key encryption, private key decryption: public key throughout the network, I use Yiyi's public key to encrypt information, and Yiyi can decrypt with my own private key;

    (2) Private key signature, public key verification: I send information to Yiyi, I add my own private key information to form a digital signature, Yiyi uses my public key to verify, the verification is successful, it is proved to prove that it is proved to be successful. It is indeed the information I sent.

    . However, in Bitcoin transactions, encryption and decryption, and verification are all handed over to the miners.

    Is the wallet app we often use now, but it is just a private key, wallet address and other blockchain data management tools. Wallets are divided into cold wallets and hot wallets. Cold wallets are offline and never connected to the Internet. Generally, some entities appear in some entities, such as small books and whatevers; hot wallets are connected. The wallet app we use belongs to the hot wallet. Essence

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