dallas jewelry wholesale Is JDK a virtual machine?

dallas jewelry wholesale I installed J2SDK1.4 notepad, and I can compile and run the Java program ,,, why didn't I see the Java virtual machine? Is JDK the virtual machine of Java? Or is it in JDK?

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  1. cameo jewelry wholesale JDK is Java Kit (Java Development Tool Pack), JDK is a development toolkit. JDK contains a JRE (Java running environment). As long as there is JRE, you can run the Java program. The Java virtual machine (JVM) is in JR Contains.

  2. designer jewelry dupes wholesale JDK means Java Kit (Java Development Tool Pack), which is used for Java development. The Java program can only run on the virtual machine through JDK compilation. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is the virtual machine.

  3. euro collection jewelry wholesale JDK contains virtual machines and development environments. The specific explanation is as follows:
    1.sdk and JDK and JRE: · SDK (Software Kit) generally refers to software development packages, which can include function libraries and compilation programs.
    · JDK (Java Kit) is an SDK used for Java developers, which provides Java's development environment and operating environment.
    · Jre (Java Runtime) refers to the operating environment of Java and is a user -oriented user, not a developer.
    The status of a PC is like a PC. The written Win32 application requires the operating system to run. Similarly, the written Java program must also need JRE to run. So after installing
    jdk, if two sets of JRE are installed in two different places on the hard disk, then the computer has two virtual Java
    PCs, both of which have the function of running the Java program.

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