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  1. The advertising commitment of FTX in the super bowl will give Bitcoin for four winners, which is related to the time when advertising in the second half of the game. For example, if the advertisement appears at 9:45 pm, each winner will get 9.45 bitcoin! In parenting, the wealth password [C] [X] [G] [F] [1] [8] [9]

    The Americans watching the super bowl game on Sunday will be filled with Advertising in the cryptocurrency industry also includes FTX, which plans to send millions of dollars in Bitcoin.

    FTX invested huge sums of money in sports cooperation, trying to make yourself a leading brand in the encryption field, including advertising cooperation with NFL star Tom Brady It was a $ 135 million in the FTX stand.

    Recently, Sam Bankman-Fric, the co-founder and CEO of FTX's headquarters from Hong Kong to Bahamas, said that these advertisements are not only recognized by US regulators, but also to let customers download FTX to download FTX Pro app.

    According to Forbes, the 29 -year -old SBF said: "We want to ensure that they are depicting the health image of ourselves and the industry." His net assets exceeded $ 24 billion. "We are optimistic that we can develop the business of the United States -this is inseparable from cooperation with the US regulatory agency to push new products to the market."

    Currency, as well as non -quality NFT, can provide ownership proof for digital images or equipment in video games. Cryptocurrencies and NFT are built using blockchain as information storage technology.

    At the same time, cryptocurrencies fluctuated huge. At the end of 2021, NFT, which can be used as a personal avatar or collection of art, set off a wave of waves, which soared the market value of global cryptocurrencies to $ 3 trillion. According to data, the plunge in January this year caused the market value of cryptocurrencies to drop rapidly, but then rebounded to $ 2 trillion.

    FTX competes with well -known trading platforms such as Coinbase, and the latter allows users to buy and transaction cryptocurrencies. However, most of the income of FTX comes from encrypted derivatives transactions outside the US market. Crypto derivatives are a higher -risk field of cryptocurrencies. Because the United States currently does not issue licenses for transaction platforms that provide encrypted derivatives transactions, some American traders can only avoid the ban on FTX's offshore trading platforms by themselves. FTX's US subsidiary FTX US has obtained a permit from the cryptocurrency trading platform.

    "The United States is an important global hub. What happened in the United States often caused considerable response worldwide." Say. In December 2021, he participated in a hearing on financial innovation for the first time in Congress. At the meeting, the executives of the encrypted company advocated light supervision.

    SBF said that legislators showed "great interest" in the formulation of cryptocurrency policy in the United States. At the Hearing of the House of Representatives in December 2021, SBF expressed a strong interest in "ensuring that we have enough consumer protection mechanisms to resist systemic risks and keep the United States competitive in the industry."

    SBF attended the meeting in Washington last week. He said that he "do his best to provide information and resources to people at that meeting."

    Failure to cancel new industry reports in the Senate infrastructure plan, the encryption industry has been significantly increased expenditure in political activities. One of the latest measures is that a group of executives including the CEO Ryan Salame of FTX Digital Markets formed a PAC (Political Action Committee), which aims to spend $ 20 million in the mid -term elections of the US Congress to allow cryptocurrencies Friendly candidates are elected.

    A survey in September of the Pedou Research Center showed that 16% of Americans said they had invested, traded or used cryptocurrencies themselves.

    FTX raised $ 400 million in the valuation of $ 32 billion in January this year, doubled within six months. The latest rounds of investors include venture capital companies such as SoftBank and Tiger Global Management Fund, Paradigm, an encrypted venture capital company, and Ontario Teachers Pension Planning Committee.

    SBF, which was interviewed in the Bahamas office, said that the goal of FTX cooperation with the sports industry is not so much to persuade consumers to open an account in FTX, it is better to be brand promotion.

    "This will affect our long -term thinking and framework," he said.

    FTX research shows that these advertisements have a certain impact. The company's homeball and Atlanta in the 2021 Baseball World Championships, and Miami, where the FTX Stadium is located, has gained higher brand awareness. FTX said that in the last quarter of 2021, the number of US users doubled.

    The super bowl of FTX uses the psychology of creating wealth in the FOMO encryption industry.

    "For the digital asset industry, it is definitely not the best in the past two months, but in general, the digital asset industry is almost the best industry last year." SBF said.

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