5 thoughts on “Where is the digital currency transaction?”

  1. Digital currencies have no exchanges. Digital currencies are not recognized by the government in China, so there is no exchanges for digital currency at all! At present, the state only recognizes regional chain technology! Moreover, in the face of quantum collisions, it is impossible to compare at all. Digital currencies are not formal in China itself. It is nothing more than a bureau of capitalists. Waiting for you to enter the game, don’t say that it is Bitcoin transactions, to put it plainly, not ordinary people can play. With less than billions of worth, I advise you not to think about these things

  2. I do n’t know what you ask what is still .. Let ’s talk about the four exchanges .. Binance, registered in Malta, Huobi, registered place in Seychelle, OK to register in Malta Switzerland.

  3. In fact, there are very many, but most of them are heard from running news. It is safe. It may be only CICC if it operates for more than five years. (The steel bars see don't have a bar with me, I am talking about safety! And more than 5 years!)

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