1 thought on “What is the "formula for life and death" proposed during his lifetime?”

  1. 1. The first formula: Life = death
    The things are two sides, just like the literal and back of the coin, but they are all coins, people's hands are separated by hand, but the back of the hand is meat. In the concept of ordinary people, only the two sides of life and death are seen, but they ignore the unity of life and death.
    S lives and death are the motion of life. People are the unity of body and soul. Death is the death of the body. Death and not death are the eternal life of the soul. The soul here is not superstition, but refers to human thought.
    Therefore, no life is born, but death is no physical life. The essence of life and death is all life, but it is just two forms of yin and yang. Confucius said, "Unknown life, knowing death", Confucianism is immortal — to obtain eternal life with three merits, stories, and virtues. It is mental immortal, and it has long existed in people's hearts.
    2, the second formula: Life> Death
    is greater than death, which is easy for us to understand. People just want to live, no health, no life, no alive, all ideals cannot be realized. In this sense, life> death, so we must take care of our bodies.
    1 is because the body is given to us by the parents, and the parents who are skin -skinned. The second is to wake up us. In the case of great pressure in modern society and national health and worry, we should love to protect our bodies. Now many young people die suddenly, and many of the past elderly diseases are young. Essence
    3, the third formula: Life u003CDead
    The less than death means that human life is limited. What we can do is to broaden our life width in a limited life length. The ancient saying "fight for a while is worse than fighting for thousands of autumn" is the principle of life less than death. Some people did a lot of practical things because of their lifetime, but at that time they were not recognized that his reputation and reputation were raised in later generations. There are many such examples here, and our Confucian originator Confucius is the best proof.
    The relevant information:
    as the old Mr. Zeng Shiqiang said: Life is actually the three formulas of life and death. Those who consciously see through the life and death will use the function of "life> death" to improve His moral cultivation has the effect of "life u003Cdeath", and the freedom of "life = death" is achieved for a long time.
    When people, no matter the rich and the poor, the final ending is the same goal. The most important thing is to enjoy the process of life. This is the biggest inspiration that Zeng Lao's life and death formula left us.

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