How to buy the game currency in the new magic world

Because the character buys too much money, it is too slow to make money. I want to buy some gaming coins. I have seen it on the Internet. I have a new magic world to sell coins, but I asked if I did n’t play this new magic world. I am playing with the god of war under QQ, how to buy coins, and what is the price?

2 thoughts on “How to buy the game currency in the new magic world”

  1. Selling QQB and then punching Platinum B and selling stores can also be collected directly in the game ... QQ also has the God of War, can you tell me where I want to play too? I want to play too

  2. The God of War seems that there is only Jinku, right? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection There is no such version of QQ. Did the landlord read it wrong?

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