2 thoughts on “How much is the Honda CRV4?”

  1. At present, the new CRV is priced at US $ 26,000, which is RMB 160,000 to 200,000. Honda recently launched a new generation of CR-V in Taiwan, which also has a certain reference value for the pricing of the new generation CR-V in Dongfeng Honda. It is reported that the price of a 2.4 -liter displacement model is slightly lower than the forecast of the local media, with a quotation of 959,000 Taiwan dollars (about 240,000 yuan); 2.0 -liter models of 779,000 to 889,000 Taiwan dollars (about 195,000 to 2222,000 yuan RMB).

  2. 2010 CR-V 2.4 Automatic Four-wheel drive expensive navigation version 262,800 2010 CR-V 2.4 automatic four-wheel drive precious version of 252,800 2010 CR-V 2.4 automatic four-wheel drive luxury version 239,800 2010 CR-V 2.0 automatic four-wheel drive classic Edition 217,800 2010 CR-V 2.0 automatic two-wheel drive urban version 1978 million 2010 CR-V 2.0 manual two-wheel drive urban version 189,800

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