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  1. The official has long been designated as a pyramid scheme, but some people jump into the fire pit.
    In mid -year, MBI was officially investigated in Malaysia.
    Beijing Youth Daily-Shenzhen WeChat account news, news, arrest, and trial seem to be unable to shake MBI's firm position in the hearts of "believers".

    The international groups from Malaysia have been active for many years in China. MBI encourages participants to invest in the so -called "barter points", claiming that the barter points are "only rising and not falling", and the distribution makes the distribution every year. Double brutes. At the same time, if you introduce new participants to join and pass from generation to generation, you can also get the corresponding bonus.

    In 2017, whether Malaysia or Police in many places in China have launched a crackdown on MBI, and the organizers have been sentenced for MLM.

    It is just in the trend of removing, MBI's wealth "myth" still exists in some people's hearts. Loyal participants believe that the abilities of the outside world are just misunderstanding or even trap, and MBI is still the "shortcut" that can bring them wealth.
    MBI's operating techniques fully in line with the characteristics of MLM:
    The "Regulations on MLM" issued by my country clearly define MLM: MLM refers to the organizer or operator developer, and through the development of the development of the development Personnel are calculated and paid based on the number of personnel direct or indirectly developed or sales performance, or required the development of illegal benefits to obtain a certain cost of paying a certain cost, disturb economic order, and affect social stability.
    1. Participating in this organization requires an entry fee of 100-5,000 US dollars, and obtains qualifications by paying entry fees.

    2. The hierarchical relationship is formed by pulling the head of the person. Although the organization claims to be static dynamic, from the perspective of its system design, dynamic development staff is the only channel for its absorption of new funds.

    3. Multi -level rewards are used through advertising bonuses, entertainment bonuses, and game bonuses.
    In the bonus system for the organization, we can see that MBI has the basic requirements of the following two pyramid schemes:

    (1) Organization requirements: that is, developers to form the network. MLM organizers promise that as long as the participants pay the money and develop others to join, they can get a high "return" or "reward". This is commonly known as "development offline". The offline can also develop offline, so as to form an upper and offline hierarchical relationship to form a "personnel chain" of MLM.

    (2) Equipment: Including two forms. One is calculated and paid based on the number of people directly developed by the participants and the number of people who indirectly developed, which is based on the number of people who are directly and indirectly developed. The sales performance (ie, sales), which is directly developed and indirectly developed by the participants, is calculated and paid to form a "money chain" of MLM.

    . Therefore, MBI is an out -of -the -box MLM organization, and its running method is the essence of the Ponzi scam and drumming money game.

  2. This is a scam made by Guangdong scammers. The general leader of the scammer is Zhang Yifa. In the early years, he had a similar scam in Taiwan and was detained in Taiwan. After he was released from prison, he rushed to Malaysia. A bunch of domestic brain disabled, on QQ every day, flickering on WeChat, deceiving people to money, saying that the smallpox falls, you can make money on the bed, but as long as you pay the money, you will never want to come back. It belongs to a bottomless hole. The style scam, a metaphor, you have been throwing 100,000 in, and the Zhang Liar headquarters website of Malaysia will give you one million virtual currency. You seem to be a millionaire overnight, but if you want to sell it back, you want to sell it back. This is impossible, because this scam is like this, you can't sell all, you can only sell a little bit each time, even if you sell the little bit, you must have a new fool to take part, but you sell it The poor money that is out of you can not reach your hands, because this scam sets that the little money you sell, you must repurchase 70 % M coins. This is the liar. Careful setting off deception can not let a person get out of it, so the money will never return to your hand, but your virtual currency has increased again, so that you can live on your unreal. One can't get rid of themselves and will always be trapped. The National Anti -MLM organization listed this organization as a new MLM scam in 2014. So sober people, don't be fooled, never believe it can make money when lying on the bed, you can make money. The lie, because in this world, there will never be a piece of pie on the day.

  3. The long -term person, at first glance is the kind of self -righteous personality. The most sad thing is you. If you don't study in -depth study, you will preach the scriptures here. You are an outsider. This is delaying yourself and misleading others!

  4. The key issue is to pull people from all over the world. After entering, no one can withdraw a penny. The cash brought by the new account has been washed away by the company and forced to replace it with chips. Write is a new bargaining chip, which leads to unlimited growth of chips, and the chips of old fans cannot be traded with cash when they cannot contact these cash. The company turns customer cash into chips. Fraud. Under normal circumstances, since the company turns customer cash into chips without authorization, it has the obligation to turn the customer chips that need to withdraw into cash.

  5. Please, the president is named Zhang Yufa, and the name did not figure out, so start commenting. Please ask you to understand and comment.

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