What to do if the number of sweet potato library is used up

What should I do if the number of sweet potatoes in the WeChat applet is used in WeChat applet?

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  1. Sweet potato coins can be obtained by doing tasks. It is recommended to use a few more computers to complete the task, so that more sweet potato coins can be obtained. Sweet potato library download red little red book video, the same IP address cannot be downloaded without restrictions, and can only be downloaded five times. You can use the IP address to achieve the purpose of downloading how many times you want to download.

    1, WeChat search for the number of small procedures for the sweet potato bank, what to do, you can use it.
    2, WeChat follows the small sweet potato material library, without limited times, can download and save the original picture of Xiaohongshu HD.
    3, you can charge money, 10 yuan a month, 50 yuan a year, 90 yuan a year.

  2. You need to run a member after use. I recommend a public number without spending money: Little Sweet Potato Material Library, which does not limit the number of times! It can be downloaded and saved the original picture of Xiaohongshu, which is very convenient!

  3. The number of sweet potato library needs to be recharged after use, and users can continue to use different amounts according to the length of time according to their needs.

  4. 1. The requirements before storage are in the field, the swelling period of sweet potato pots must be above 20 ° C. Below 15 ° C, sweet potato stops growing. Therefore, when the temperature drops to 15 ° C, it is the best harvest period for sweet potatoes. The harvest is too early, the temperature is too high, and you cannot enter the cellar in time after harvesting. Garment is too late, and it is susceptible to low -temperature freezing at night, increasing storage difficulty. When collecting potatoes, you should be dug, transported lightly, light ...

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