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  1. What are the types of virtual contract strategies?
    The project entrustment: The instruction refers to the pre -set commission and trigger conditions. When the latest transaction price reaches the trigger price set in advance, it will send the entrusted commission to the market in advance.
    The tracking entrustment: It refers to the strategy of sending the client's entrustment to the market in advance when the market is largely adjusted. When the latest market price reaches the setting of the strategy (the lowest) market price (1 ± customer setting amplitude) after the strategy sets the strategy, it will trigger the strategy set by the customer and send the client's entrustment to the market in advance to the market. middle.
    The iceberg entrustment: In order to avoid excessive impact on the market when investors are conducting large -scale transactions, they automatically dismantle large orders into multiple commissions. The price strategy set by the client automatically conducts small orders. When the last entrustment was deduced by all transactions or the latest price, it was automatically re -commissioned.
    The weighted entrustment: When the customer wants to buy a large amount of BTC, in order to avoid excessive impact costs, the large order is detailed through the strategy to be entrusted to multiple small amounts. The entrusted quantity, actively buying a continuous buying strategy with the opponent.

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