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  1. The strange gravity wave concept stock

    The discovery of "gravitational wave" is undoubtedly a milestone event of all mankind. Therefore, its concept has also become the object of hot fried shareholders. No, it didn't take long for a group of "gravitational waves" concept stocks to be born. However, looking at this concept stock, he could not help but have a sense of "strange".

    The following is the list of concept stocks just released:

    Gravity Media (603598) waveguide shares (600130): The concept of gravitational wave concept, the name is gorgeous, the name is on the side In this year, there is a good performance as good as a good name;
    Kunlun Wanwei (300418), four -dimensional map new (002405), three -dimensional silk (300056), three -dimensional communication (002115), 3D project (002469), Yixintang (002727), Century Cruise (002558): The concept of time and space travel concept stocks, this century cruise ship may be allowed to have 20 consecutive boards, Red Sun, Century Star (000005), Shenzhou Information (000555): Celestial Concept concept Stocks, except for the name, can really not find places related to the concept of celestial bodies;
    The Sky Shen Entertainment (002354): Cosmic philosophy and theological concept stocks, I have to say that it is the blessing of the name; r;
    The Zhongxing Communication (000063), Beacon Communication (600498), Beidou Star Tong (002151), China Satellite (600118): It is said that the penetration ability of gravitational waves is stronger than that of neutrinos, which may be used by humans in the field of interstellar communication. Essence The more you listen to it! Grand Laser (002008): Laser's stuff, at first glance, is carried with space relationships. It seems to be reliable.

  2. There are only a few concepts of gravitational waves in the true sense. The rest is basically gimmicks that are not worth investing. Please pay more attention: Fujing Technology (002222), Huagong Technology (000988), and Great Laser (002008). Our wealth management studio is also tracking such stocks. The rest of the concept stocks do not have substantial gravity investment. It is recommended to stay away from it. These three stocks are the real gravity concept stocks in the true sense.

  3. Gravity Media (603598), Bobo Guide (600130), Kunlun Wanwei (300418), Four -dimensional Tuxin (002405), three -dimensional silk (300056), three -dimensional communication (002115), 3D project (002469), Yixintang (002727), Century Cruise (002558), Century Xingyuan (000005), Shenzhou Information (00555), Tian Shen Entertainment (002354), ZTE (000063), Beacon Communication (600498), Beidou Star Tong (002151), China Satellite (600118), Grand clan Laser (002008)

    what is gravitational wave?
    On February 11, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced at 23:30 on February 11, Beijing time that humans directly detected gravitational waves!
    Blip -based relativity, high -speed and high -speed objects, as well as large -quality celestial body movements and collisions, can produce gravitational waves, forming waves in such a continuous period, that is, time and space ripples.
    The gravitational waves, like other waves, carry energy and information. Electromagnetic waves (universe background microwave radiation) can only let us see the scene after 380,000 years of the Big Bang, and gravitational waves can let us look back at the initial moment of the Big Bang and test the correctness of the Big Bang theory.

  4. Gravity Media (603598) waveguide shares (600130) Kunlun Wanwei (300418), four -dimensional map new (002405), three -dimensional silk (300056), 3D communications (002115), 3D project (002469), Yixintang (002727) Century Cruises (002558) Red Sun, Century Xingyuan (000005), Shenzhou Information (00555) Great Laser (002008) ZTE (000063), Beacon Communication (600498), Beidou Xingtong (002151), China Satellite (600118) Tian Shen Entertainment (0023544) ) It feels like this, you can see it

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