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  1. Gold TD is the precious metal deferred business of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The quotation unit is Yuan/G. The price trend follows the International Gold Market Movement. It is not completely synchronized with the international market.
    The standard contract AU (T D) of Gold TD is 1 kg/hand.
    recently launched a mini hand Miau (t d), which is 100 grams/hand.
    The gold TD currently has only these two contracts, so the minimum trading unit is mini hand, 100 grams/hand.

  2. The minimum mini hand, only 100 grams
    gold silver T D is a market matching transaction, all can be set up! However, not all bank client software can set up stop loss. At present, only two client software can set up stop loss, and this software can also open positions in one click (no need to input price). Quick backhand can be quickly rejuvenated. Open positions (once the direction is reversed, you can immediately open the position backhand), the burial order (non -trading time can also be hung up), tracking stop loss (effectively locking existing profits), this function is very good, the general software is not! So it is important to choose which bank to open.
    It to do gold and silver T D, just go to your local bank to run online banking, go home and log in to online banking online When you enter our institution number, the transaction fee can be reduced (40,000ths of 10,000, and the Pacific Warehouse is free). At the same time, it provides a quotation guidance. It is the most critical! The price of gold and silver is the most affected by the European and American economic indicators and international turmoil (such as the unemployment rate, interest rate, inflation rate, turmoil, war, etc.), so we usually pay attention to international news and comprehensively analyze the price trend! Hope

  3. The gold TD transaction quotation unit is RMB/gram, the minimum change price is 0.01 yuan, the minimum trading unit is 1 hand, the physical standard weight of each hand is 1 kg, and the minimum physical settlement amount is 1 hand. Mini Gold T D, 100 grams/hand.

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