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  1. Asset allocation refers to the behavior of investors or investment institutions based on their own investment needs to invest in different asset categories according to their own proportion, so as to conduct investment portfolios to better realize the risk -income portfolio. Investment masters provide us with the simplest asset allocation rules: 50-50 asset allocation rules. The simple method is this: all the time to allocate your spare money, half invest in the stock market, and half invest in fixed income products with lower risks, such as currency funds, bonds, bond funds, and A -levels. The asset allocation in Bai Shiheng Wealth is reliable.
    Remember that the investment in the investment here is excess money. Do not invest in this money or borrow money. This is the most important rule that must be followed before investing. No one can do it. Half of these people invest in the stock market, and do not need to spend too much to buy which stocks, but directly invest in index funds. Why should we allocate assets between high -risk assets and low -risk assets? In fact, the advantage of dynamic balance is that when the proportion of assets exceeds 50%, dynamic balance requires us to sell. Take stock as an example. If it is higher than 50%, it is because it has risen. If it is less than 50%, it is because the asset price has fallen.
    In a fixed time, dynamic balance also means forcing us, especially no experienced novice, do not predict the market. What general investors can do in this way are in the way of 50/50. If the stock market rises, I can make money. I am not worried about the decline in the stock market, because there are still low -risk assets. If the stock market falls, it may mean a better opportunity. As for how long to do a dynamic balance, in general, it is enough for half a year or a year, not very frequent operations. Those who do not invest are burning money every day because inflation will slowly devour the money you earned hard. On the other hand, investment is looking for death because it may also lose principal. First of all, financial investment is a thing that needs to be learned so that you can save and increase your money safely.
    Sthemheng wealth Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (wholly -owned natural person) registered in Nanshan District, Guangdong Province on March 26, 2014. Shenzhen Bai Shiheng Wealth Co., Ltd. unified social credit code/registration number. At present, enterprises are open. The business scope of Shenzhen Bai Shiheng Wealth Management Co., Ltd. is: commissioned asset management, investment management, entrusted management of equity investment funds, equity investment, and venture capital. In Guangdong Province, the total registered capital of the company similar to the scope of operation is 153.79766 million yuan, and the main funds are concentrated in enterprises with a scale of more than 50 million yuan, totaling 975. Bai Shiheng Wealth is currently a good company with good registered capital.

  2. Asset allocation refers to some allocation of funds. Relatively more reliable, because the company's word of mouth is very good, it is a more reliable company, and its economic strength is relatively strong.

  3. It should refer to investors, and then invest in a certain proportion according to the investment category or risk. In this case, it should be called asset funding. This company's asset funding is more reliable as a whole, mainly because the company has a history of many years, which is still more reliable.

  4. Professional companies will make funding through professional means, mainly to spread risks. In this investment company, the funding is still more reliable, and the development of this investment company is also relatively good.

  5. It refers to investors invest in proportion according to the requirements. It is very reliable, and the company's reputation is still great.

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