How much is my eagle currency

I have a eagle currency, the front has a republica mexicana and a eagle contains a snake. The back is libertad under the 8R Z 1895 F Z 10D 20G.

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  1. This is Mexican silver coin, weighing 27.07 grams, 903 in color, the pattern is a free hat, on the other side is Mexico national emblem. A snake hawk stands on the cactus of the cactus.
    cast from 1823 to 1905, with a face value of 8R or UN PESO. There are many mints in Mexico. In addition, there are thousands of types of coin inspection artists. (Note: I checked a lot of information, all based on Mexico's gold -based change in 1905. However, in fact, most mints in the late 1990s have no longer created the "Eagle Ocean". The currency factory was built until 1895. At present, I saw some information that the latest information was made to 1897)
    . Although the cumulative casting volume was amazing, it was earlier due to the earlier time for casting and there were many international collectors. At present The market price of the ordinary product of the ordinary year is also around 180/dollars, but there are currently many fake coins that need to be distinguished first.

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