1 thought on “What is the use of sword spirit frog currency? What is the use of frog currency”

  1. 灵 New version of the new version of Sword Spirit has been added. Many players will say on the channel to brush frog currency or something. So let's take a look at how to get the sword spirit frog currency of the Xiaobian Xiong Bubu
    The frog currency is useful.
    How to get the frog currency?
    The method of acquisition of frog currency:
    1. By opening the water frog gift box. Will you get a few.
    This Read: How to get the Sword Spirit Water Frog Gift Box
    It what can be opened
    2. The chance of refreshing through the Gold Coin Julling Pavilion. And the chance is also quite high.
    What is the use of frog currencies?
    The replacement of the original Dragon Boat Festival with the items exchanged with rice dumplings and turned into a frog currency to exchange. As shown in the figure above.

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