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  1. TG is the abbreviation of Telegram, a message application that focuses on speed and security. It can also be called a telegram, which is also an indispensable communication tool for coin lovers. When the task needs to collect a lot of free virtual currency, the telegram is essential; to be honest, it is a chat software. It is different from QQ and WX. It is not easily noticed by the authorities. Here you can speak freely.
    It chat tools, also known as IM software or IM tools, refer to tools based on the Internet with real -time voice and text transmission tools; technology is mainly divided into server -based IM tool software and P2P -based IM tool software. The biggest difference between real -time communication and email is that you don't need to wait, you don't need to "send and receive" every two minutes.
    As long as two people are online at the same time, they can send text, files, sounds and images like multimedia phones. As long as there is a network, no matter where the other party is, there is no distance between the two sides.

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