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  1. 2010 latest code: Some people must say that this is the QQ number and say that I am a liar, so go to QQ to see if this is the QQ number brush method is very simple. First of all, you need to prepare a recharge card that has not been used. Too much access.
    In the official charge page, fill in all the all, and then write the code in the QQ number. Of course, QB cannot be rushed in. Please enter the correct QQ number. At this time, the system may be chaotic, and then you fill in your own QQ number. It is OK to recharge immediately. Basically, the QB that comes out is 5 times that you rush in. Click, sometimes more, look at luck. To brush quickly, do not use a large brush to use a small brush to avoid TX to repair the vulnerability. Or the recharge website of Junwang can be brushed with this code.
    For now QQ, many people have opened many members. Yellow diamonds. Red diamonds. Many people in QQ games fly around every day, and a lot of cash equipment. Do you think there are so many rich people? In fact, these people's Q coins are just brushed! You can own as long as you only need more than 30 yuan !!

  2. With the secret card, I now spend a secret card to press the secret card, log in to QQ and the game, you must also keep the card, safe

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