5 thoughts on “How to turn to QB in QQ account to other QQ”

  1. Unable to turn directly, you can pay for your friends.
    The following ways:
    1 The payment function of Q coins is also Tencent's virtual services. Therefore, the Q coin can be transformed into a virtual service for the other party. Let the QQ number without Q coins click "Service Opening" on the Tencent Payment Center, and then click the "request" behind the service you want:
    2, select to open After the service time, choose QQ friends and click "Immediately for asking":
    3, for success. Then let the account with QQ coins and log in to QQ to get the prompt. Click here.
    4. According to the prompts, select the payment option one by one. Then click "Open it now". If you have Q coins on the QQ account, you can pay successfully:

  2. I know how to transfer
    QB itself cannot actually be transferred, but it depends on what QB does. If it is to spend on members, red, yellow, blue, purple diamonds, etc., it will not be transferred. But the most people charge QB for dressing up the QQ show, and the QQ show now has "Shopping Voucher", 50QB = 60QQ show shopping vouchers, 20QB = 22 yuan QQ show shopping vouchers, and shopping vouchers can be requested or given. Doesn't this play a role in one stone!

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