1 thought on “How the studio brush the king's glory gold coin”

  1. Last week, a luxury Internet cafe in Northeast China was reported. The cost was 16 yuan an hour. The equipment in the Internet cafe was "alien". From the exposed pictures, you can see that someone is playing "Glory of the King" with aliens. It can be seen that the popularity of this game.
    Nowadays, the "Glory of the King" is exposed on the Internet. It is reported that the exposed pictures come from the gold coin store of "Glory of the King" in a certain treasure. The mobile phone is automatically playing the game with gold coins.
    The gold coins can be used to buy new heroes, and the task of these mobile phones is to swipe gold coins in "Glory of the King". The store can achieve profitability by selling gold coins.
    The picture only shows a part of the mobile phone. It is estimated that these mobile phones will be about 100 units. Looking at it, the clear Apple mobile phone, each mobile phone also has its own number.
    I don't know if the player encountered some special teammates in the game. Maybe, they are from here.

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