1 thought on “Analysis of the difference between foreign exchange point trading and CFD operations”

  1. Similarly:
    In use of margin hype, use the small Boda
    . If the day or the expiration date is not closed, the overnight interest is required until the speculators are closed.
    A compulsory liquidation (for index futures), it will be forced to close the position on the date of the futures date, and then add the overnight interest. On the second day, the opening price is delayed on the morning. Forms of index futures
    Since they are all financial virtual trading transactions, they do not need to pay stamp duty (Stamp Ty)
    Different points:
    CFD trading currency Stocks will be required to purchase with the euro, and the price changes will be used to use the specified currency type speculation transaction objects. For example, when buying German stocks, you can use the pound to directly speculate, that is, use the British pound to fry the German Germany directly to the German Germany. The number of rising points of the stock price (instead of the change of the stock of the stock). Use CFD to hype, and it is more like using the country's general currency to directly purchase the stock contract of the country, and to buy it with a differential transaction, you can avoid the risk of currency exchange and directly use your favorite currency category to increase the stock price of stocks.
    The income and loss of point difference transactions are in the UK regardless of capital income tax (may be levied elsewhere), while CFD's income and losses are simulated to simulate the real stock contract position, no matter where they are Taxes (for changes in quantitatives, generally levy capital income tax), are the same personal taxation algorithm as conventional investment.

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