1 thought on “What will have the impact of Biden's hairpower and the flood of 200 trillion currencies?”

  1. With Biden's on power, many investors are also looking forward to his performance during his administration. After all, when Trump was in power in the past, it was also questioned by investors due to the operation of the sky. The era that belongs to him has changed, but for Biden who just took over the Sichuan Pu rotten stall. After coming to power, the first thing that needs to be done is undoubtedly stabilizing the domestic situation and returning to the US economy.

    It's view of Paode Quan, this time, there are several points in the United States that are worthy of our attention. First of all, the purpose of the United States is the purpose of this measure. Affected by the epidemic, many countries have more or less economical influence this year. As one of the international currency standards, in the past time, the dollar has actually thrown a lot to the market. But from the current price of the United States, in fact, they have not had inflation.

    The foreign media counting the current price of the United States was almost zero before 00 years ago. Although after 2000, prices also rose by 2%. But considering the laws of market economy, this scope cannot be regarded as inflation. The reason why such a good adjustment is naturally related to the money they sell. Because the US dollar is the world's general currency, once the United States has a downturn, they will increase printing and depreciate the US dollar again and again. It is through this approach that the United States also pass on its severe form to other countries.

    Of course, for other countries, it will naturally not be bullied by the United States. Therefore, in recent years, central banks from all over the world have been continuously putting water, increasing the amount of money printing without cost. Therefore, while the United States has continued to increase invoices in recent years, they have also played a relay match for money printing. Over the past few years, countries have also increased a lot of invoices in order to stimulate the domestic economy. Pauder combines this year's market, predicting that in 2021, it may be the cheapest year of currency in human history.

    The massive currency enters the market. Although it can stimulate the economy in a short period of time and restore certain production. But this approach, if it is continuously used, future leaders may suffer difficulty blows. After all, how fierce the flood is today, when the future retreat, how deep it will be hurt. The day of ebb to ebb, but this needs to depend on the wisdom and talents of the leading class.

    So the big water release of Biden cannot say that his measures are not good. But if the economy recovers in the future, they cannot make effective changes, and maybe they will lose. Considering the severity of inflation, if it is still issued without restraint, it may become a worthless waste paper in the end. Of course, the time to achieve this result is relatively long. Prior to this, how to minimize our own losses in the face of inflation is where ordinary people need to rely on consideration.

    . Therefore, ordinary people want to achieve asset growth in the next few years and win inflation, which is to turn cash into assets that can be appreciated. The following courses have detailed interpretations. I hope to be able to be able to be able to be able to. It is helpful to everyone's wealth growth!

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