4 thoughts on “Seeking a game of the game king”

  1. Seriously, I do n’t know how to know it
    It, it ’s not easy to speculate from the dialogue. First of all, it denys the fellow. This kind of thing is not an individual.
    It is the seven artifacts. Because of special, even if you join the game, it is a ban, but it will generally not join the game.
    The slab is also a card that is not recognized by the game, and it is normal for not joining the game.
    The landlord's words are a bit contradictory. What do you mean
    The black feathers have only been released recently, that is to say, this game is around 2008 to 2009,
    is also a double person, which can be determined that this is absolutely transplanted, and it is very very good The high ones may be on the PSP
    It is to look at the year 2009

    Puctile card power 4 is probably the main find. , Probably the place, here is powerless, but it is also possible to be the game king on PS2
    Anyway, I want to be a simulator. I wo n’t say it here.

  2. Master, you will ask such questions. K Club said what the seven artifacts are. It seems that we have done this card, so we have never even produced the thoughts of putting them into the game, so in the game we played out It is impossible, so ...
    ---------------------------------- --------------------------------rn要不就是国产某无限有才ZZ男的DIY游戏, I wipe it, that's magical, I can still do tasks. Such a good game is still the PC version of everyone's dream.

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