1 thought on “Why is Cast an actor table?”

  1. It is not the meaning of "actor", but the meaning of "all performers".
    -English [kɑːst] beauty [kæst]
    v. Throwing; throwing; casting; casting; designated actor; plus up (vision); voting (ticket); prediction.
    n. Actor lineup; throw; [medical] fixed dressing.
    Cast is used as a verb basic meaning that "throwing, throwing, throwing, throwing, and sprinkling" refers to the meaning of throwing extremely light things, such as nets, sieves, etc., which contains the meaning of directly throwing aiming. When CAST is used for this solution, it is mostly used for and the verb. The subject is generally human.
    cast can be used as "projection, plus ..." solution, mostly used for light, shadow, sight, etc., for metaphorical, can be represented by abstract nouns such as attention and responsibility, and is mostly used with on.
    cast can also be used as a "assigning role in the drama", and then the SB AS SB or for SB is connected.

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