5 thoughts on “The difference between Taiwan DHC and Mainland DHC”

  1. There is no difference in the product itself. The genuine products are imported from Japan. Even the product number is the same.
    The price may be different. After all, the tariffs in various countries and regions are different. It is impossible for buyers to order directly on the official charts of Taiwan or Hong Kong.
    I I am also using DHC now, because the company I work is Hong Kong -funded, there are colleagues in Hong Kong, please help my colleagues to buy it to buy Some products really need a lot of discounts. For example, you said unloading oil, mainland special offer 138 yuan/bottle, Hong Kong 216 yuan/2 bottles, the cherry fruit bright set I bought, 398 yuan/set in mainland China, only 257 yuan in Hong Kong/ Set. Even the boxes of clean -faced soap are much cheaper. The mainland is 25 yuan/piece, and Hong Kong is 19 yuan/piece. And Hong Kong purchases 1,000 yuan at one time, you can give a 20 % off card. Now the renminbi against Hong Kong dollars is about 1: 0.88.

  2. DHC should go to the official website to buy it, so reassuring. I bought it a year in the past two years. DHC has a product for promotions every month. The price is the lowest throughout the year. The things on Taobao are too fake. I bought it on it a few times. The things are not as good as customer service, and I used to go to a Taobao shop to interview customer service. It is to modify the evaluation or give praise, so their credibility is not credible. Now there are so many physical stores in DHC. Of course, members buy with points. You can change the product at 20 yuan and 1 points. There are still more than 30 points in my DHC account. I do n’t know how to deal with it? I haven't bought DHC for a year. I feel that it is not as good as the effect after use, and the taste of DHC is not good. Maybe this is the so -called natural taste!

  3. How can there be a Taiwan version and the American version, all fake, excuse, even the DHC sold by our physical store is the same Chinese labels. The genuine items are the same. If you buy or go to the physical store, you can rest assured. The cheap one must be fake now. Late in the late local, I have seen such a website without sending the mainland.

  4. Let's go to the official website of the Mainland to buy it
    We are not bad for dozens of dollars to discount
    Merebase in Taiwan, you spent more money

    and we can also take points
    The right point of buying
    10 can be sent to

    The taste is the same
    Japanese makeup remover oil is the same as here!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, the taste is different, just say that you are Taiwanese, deceiving people. Of course, olive cleansing oil is the taste of olive oil. I bought it in a physical store. The special offer is 138 yuan 200ml. Don't be greedy, fake will hurt the skin ~

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