How to withdraw money for the buffet withdrawal machine

How to withdraw money for the buffet withdrawal machine

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  1. Automatic withdrawal machine withdrawal process:

    1. Finding an ATM machine. If you want to remove the handling fee, it is best to find a bank card. This bank's ATM machine, such as the ICBC, find the ATM machine to withdraw money. Insert the bank card into the ATM machine, and insert the magnetic bar of the bank card down and the side of the magnetic strip to the right to the ATM machine.

    2, some can directly enter the withdrawal screen after entering the card password, and some need to press the confirmation key.

    3, after you can see the corresponding keys on the screen, "withdrawal", "transfer", "refund", and other corresponding keys. Press "Dedication" if you withdraw money. After pressing the "withdrawal", you must enter the amount of your withdrawal. If there are convenient prompts on the screen, such as: 1,000 yuan, 800 yuan, 500 yuan, etc. If you have the amount you want to withdraw It's right.

    4, the eyes must stare at the "banknote port". If there is no one withdrawn for 2-5 seconds after the banknote, ATM will swallow the banknote. When withdrawing the withdrawal, you must check it. If you find that there is a suspicious banknote, you can align the banknote number to the ATM's camera for a few seconds. After the withdrawal is completed, press the "refund" to exit the card prompted on the screen.

    The expansion information:

    It automatic cash machine is also called ATM (abbreviation of Automated Teller Machine), which means automatic teller machine, because most of them are used for withdrawal, also known as automatic ATM machine Essence It is a highly precise electromechanical integrated device that uses magnetic code cards or smart cards to achieve self -service self -service of financial transactions to replace the work of bank counter personnel.

    The can withdraw cash, query the balance of deposits, allocate funds between accounts, balance inquiry, etc.; Business and other work. Cardholders can use credit cards or savings cards to apply for automatic withdrawal, query balance, transfer, cash deposits, vianships, purchase funds, change passwords, and pay mobile phone bills.

    atm's safety protection equipment mainly refers to ATM protective cover, ATM protective pavilion, ATM protective cabin and other ATM machines. The independent self -guided silver pavilion of high -end ATM protection products is gradually valued by the market. The characteristics of the independent operation of Yin Pavilion also enabled them to enter the population dense places such as communities, schools, squares, etc., which brings a lot of convenience to people's production and life.

    atm machine can be divided into three types: outdoor ATM machine, indoor ATM machine, and independent ATM.

    Moming: According to the use of the ATM machine, the indoor ATM machine can be divided into two types: lobby and wall -piercing.

    Outdoor: According to safety performance requirements, outdoor ATM machines have semi -closed and fully enclosed ATM protective booths. The fully closed type can be divided into square and round according to the appearance shape. The ATM protective kiosk, which is called ATM protective compartment.

    What construction requirements?

    1. The newly -built or reconstructed automatic teller machine must meet the national security industry standards and technical specifications. Safety prevention facilities such as alarm.

    2, the outliex automatic teller machine shall realize the network alarm in accordance with the relevant national standards, sign a cooperation agreement with the unit where the automatic teller machine is located, and agreed that the two parties are responsible and obligations to cooperate with the safety prevention of the automatic teller machine.

    3, the jurisdiction of automatic tellers must strengthen the safety prevention of the automatic teller machine, cooperate with each other, discover hidden dangers, and rectify in time.

    4. The risk incident and case of an automatic teller machine should be reported immediately to quickly find out the reason and deal with it in time.

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