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  1. ATA in the airport means the actual arrival time, the abbreviation of the English sentence Actual Time of Arrival. n Airport indication information:
    In out of the station (out of the port, leaving)
    The waiting room departure lounge
    Building Airport Terminal
    Passport Control
    toilet toilet; w. C.;; REST Room
    delay delayed
    R n board Boarding
    Airport fees Airport Fee
    The domestic airport DOMESTIC Airport
    boarding pass Boarding Pass (Card)
    International Flights DEPARTURE
    In international flight passengers
    This Domestic Departure
    Exit exit; OUT; Way Out
    The transit transit
    Nothing to Declare
    The VIP room v.I.P. Room Customs
    TiCket Office
    Gate; departure gate
    N flight number FLT No (Flight Number)
    The taxi pitch point Taxi Pick-up point
    From ... Arriving from
    The expected time SCHELED TIME (SCHED)
    The airline car service office Airline coach service
    actual time Actual
    As a result, downstairs DOWN;
    The duty-free shop Ty-free shop
    bank banks Bank n post office

    This Hotel
    This arrangement Tour
    The luggage locker
    Luggage tag
    n bus bus; coach service
    to go ... departure to
    The elevator goes to the boarding Stairs and Lifts to

  2. Aviation Transport Association. Essence China Aviation Transportation Association (abbreviation: China Aviation Association. English translation: China Air Transport, abbreviation: CATA.) It is based on the relevant laws and regulations of my country, with civil airlines as the main body, and voluntarily participated by enterprises, business legal persons and community legal persons. , Industry and not profitable, approved by the People's Republic of China, approved by the Ministry of the People's Republic of China, approved and registered for registration and registered. Established on September 26, 2005.

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