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  1. What is DJI?
    DJI is launched by the old change of the old replacement with DJI and the love recycling network. The recycling old machine exchange DJI coins for the service of buying new products in DJI's official mall.
    Which machines can be replaced with old new services?
    mobile phones, cameras, computers and designated DJI products. DJI products: DJI FPV series, Mavic series, Phantom series, "enlightenment" INSPIRE series, Lingyan OSMO series, such as shadow Ronin series, such as shadow Ronin M, Spark, Jingwei M100, etc. What is the use of
    dji coins?
    DJI currency is the virtual currency of DJI's online official mall. In DJI official mall, it can be used as the actual currency to purchase all the products (except freight) of all DJI malls (except freight). DJI currency's detailed record. DJI coins cannot be fulfilled and do not support transfer to other accounts.

    This Reminder: From 23:59:59 on March 30, 2020 (Beijing time), DJI coins will be added to the validity period. The DJI currency that will take effect before December 31, 2020 will expire on December 31, 2021. The adjustment, March 30, 2020 at 23:59:59 (Beijing time), the DJI currency is not expected, but when purchasing the DJI currency, the DJI currency will be used first.
    When can DJI coins be issued?
    If you agree to confirm the price, DJI's official mall system will automatically send DJI coins to your DJI official website account in real time.
    The outer paddle -leaf protective cover, backpack, additional battery, etc. Can you also participate in recycling?
    The only supports recycling designated DJI products, and the accessories are not supported for the time being. Recycling DJI products: DJI FPV series, Mavic series, Phantom series, "enlightenment" Inspire series, spirit eyes OSMO series, such as shadow Ronin series, such as shadow Ronin M, spark, Jingwei M100, etc. Who should bear the machine and expenses?
    In the order of ordering, SF staff will come to the door according to your appointment time. If you contact the express mail by yourself, it is recommended that you use SF to pay for delivery (mailing address information will be sent to your mobile phone in the form of SMS); except for notebooks and drones bears up to 40 yuan, other items such as mobile phones and tablets, such as mobile phones and tablets The camera and other love recovery will bear the maximum freight of 25 yuan.

  2. Shangpin recycling is a "Internet recycling economy" enterprise with second -hand drone products trading. Adhering to the mission of "let the idle drone recycling value", it is committed to becoming the most professional drone recycling platform in China, and the online and standardized of second -hand drone transactions can be improved through technology. Shangpin recycling is based on "user first" as its core values. At present, it has deployed online and offline recycling methods such as recycling unmanned machines and door -to -door recycling drones to provide users with a better service experience.

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