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I would like to charge a Q number Q coin through a mobile phone call, and then use the Q coin on this Q to be reflected on a Alipay account through Xinyi Tong. Is it okay? Is this Q coin non -direct charge Q coin?

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  1. Q coins cannot be withdrawn.
    In Q coins, Q coins can only be used to buy Tencent's value -added product services and cannot carry out withdrawal operations.
    Q coins are a virtual currency launched by Tencent, which can be used to pay QQ line numbers and QQ membership services for QQ. Tencent Q coins, obtained by buying QQ cards, telephone recharge, bank card recharge, network recharge, mobile phone recharge cards, card recharge cards, etc.

  2. A method for preparing Tencent Q coin recharge card is to use code. First of all, you have to prepare a recharge card that has not been used, and the face value must be a multiples of 10 (including 10 yuan face value). The account that specializes in Q coin recharge is also code. 894 is the total code of all TX's recharge system. Essence The recharge card account and recharge card password fill in the card number and password you bought, then click OK, start the recharge and the test will pop up successfully. Essence Next. The key point press back. Back to the recharge interface. After the QQ account column is filled in 892451909, it is recharged immediately. He will prompt that the QQ account does not exist because it is a system account, so it prompts that there is no existence. Next, you will be able to fill your own QQ number. Card numbers and card secrets are just filled in the one just now. The point -up recharge system will prompt the impulse to be successful! Then is the last step. It is also the most critical step to click back. Essence Then refresh. remember. Refresh it once a double Q coin. Refresh twice is twice the Q coin. Push in order, and then go to your own QQ. Essence You will find. Essence Essence There are a lot of Q coins. Hey, go evil (when you rush, you have to turn off the QQ first and then there will be Q coins. Remember the code for 750 100 yuan to brush out of 750 100 yuan:

  3. Q Coin Tim current service is to withdraw your Q coins or Q coins in the Q number in Q, a safe and fast way to withdraw you to your disciplinary, Tenpay, mobile phone fee, bank card, 5173, game game Point card and so on.

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