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  1. 1. First, open and log in to JD.com (6.2.80) [Jingdong APP] in the i0S15.0 version of the iPhone13. Then in our mobile phone interface, open Jingdong, enter the mobile phone number and log in to the account. Enter the main interface and click [Gift Card].
    . Then, we choose to buy gift cards in the announcement bar above. Click the [Classification] at the bottom to view a variety of card packages, and select what you need to buy. Gift cards need to be used within the validity period and are invalidated. The gift card payment section does not invoiced. If your order is full for gift card payment, you can contact the customer service center to obtain a zero amount of warranty invoice.
    . Then, return to the [My Gift Card] interface, and choose to bind a new card. Gift cards cannot purchase some virtual products, some group purchases, government subsidies, household appliances, gold and silver investment products. The gift card will not be fulfilled, and the amount of shopping amount is insufficient in cash.
    . Finally, in [Binding Gift Card], enter a gift card password, enter the verification code, and click [Add and use]. When buying goods, click [to settle], select "Gift Card" to deduct.
    [Extended information]
    What is the benefit of Jingdong gift card?
    The Jingdong gift card can be used to use cash.
    The specific usage methods are as follows:
    1. Open in the iPhone13 mobile phone i0S15.0 version and log in to JD (6.2.80 version), start to choose the product you want, for example, you need to buy a pair of shoes, go to go, just go Look at the clothing and hats, and then choose men's shoes from the left.
    2. Click to see a certain shoe, choose the color, the size of your shoes, and then click to join the shopping cart.
    3. The page will jump accordingly, then enter the background of the buyer's shopping cart, and click again to settle in the shopping cart.
    4. After entering, I will see the information of all the products I purchased from the background. At this time, click the settlement.
    5. You need to fill in the receiving information, the method of payment, and the invoice information. You can fill in it one by one according to your real situation. Note, don't fill in the wrong address.
    6. Then pull down the page and select Jingdong Gift Card. At this time, it is proved to use the Jingdong gift card to pay. Clear the protective film on the Jingdong Card, and then you can see the password, enter the password in, and you can use this Jingdong gift card.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the first step: Click my wallet to be on my interface in Jingdong, and click my wallet option.nStep 2: Click the gift card to enter the gift card on the page.nStep 3: Click the binding new card to find the new card option in the lower right corner.nStep 4: Enter the card secret and use it to use the card density.nThe above is all my reply, I hope to help you, I wish you a happy life ~n3 morenBleak

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