2 thoughts on “How to return the money stored in the red machine?”

  1. Hello, this generally can only be recharged and cannot be returned, and it will be converted into virtual currencies. If the amount involves too large, you can refund the refund to the customer service

  2. I have no seen a long time. Talking about a device that has been hot in the past three months, lipstick machine, whether it is the hottest Douyin fast hand or offline shopping malls, more and more lipstick -related information has appeared.
    In this time, I specializes in 8 red machines in different cities in different cities to bring you some problems encountered by the actual operation of the lipstick machine, and what type of lipstick machine is suitable The venue, what type of team product.
    First of all, I do n’t like to label directly for things. It ’s absolutely lost to say that one thing is easy to earn or one thing. Earnings and losses are just whether people can do well in integrating their own resources and external resources. Of course, the profit and loss here is not a traditional sense of money.

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