1 thought on “Do you want to sentence Yiji Global Investment Agency?”

  1. No, investors can also be regarded as victims. It is recommended to contact the police to declare the deceived amount and provide a record record.
    The investors suggest that investors should actively cooperate with the investigation and evidence collection of public security organs. The public security organs will release the progress of the case in a timely manner. Investors are requested to do not believe in rumors, rumors, and not participate in various illegal gathering activities. What investors need to do now are to report the case as soon as possible.
    Id the data supplementary case:

    The Bagongshan Branch of the Huainan Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law on September 5th in accordance with the law, Li (male, 51, 51 The age), Pan Mouli (female, 49 years old) and others took criminal compulsory measures. As early as March 25, 2021, the Huainan Public Security Bureau had investigated the case of "Yiji Global" Li, Pan Mouli and others suspected of economic crime.
    The suspect Li Mou, Pan Mouli and others promoted the "Yiji Global" project, and operated the participants through the Internet "One Hui Global" GHC website and MT4 mobile app.

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