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  1. Graphic programming level 1-3, Python programming 1-2, you can learn.
    NCT level test is the full name of the national youth programming ability level test. It is the first domestic education technical committee of the National Information Technology Standardization Technology Commission and the Education Information Technology Standards Committee of the Ministry of Education. Programming ability level standards for compliance certification and equal examination projects.
    The test content includes graphic programming 1-3, Python programming 1-2, and the difficulty of the exam is improved step by step. Candidates need to apply for the exam step by step. Candidates are requested to start registration from the first level. Candidates who have passed graphical programming first and graphic programming secondary, Python programming can be applied for the next level in order.

  2. 1. Python -a dynamic, object -oriented script language

    In the field of robotic research, Python occupies an important position. One of the reasons is likely that Python (and C ) is two main programming languages ​​in ROS. Like Java, it is an interpretation language. But it is also different from Java, Python language is mainly concentrated in availability.

    2. C/C -The first language of most Chinese programmers

    C language is developed from C language. It is an object -oriented language It inherits the advantages of C language. Many people think that C and C are a good start for robot scientists. Because most of the hardware libraries use these languages, allowing real -time performance, it is a very mature programming language.

    3. Java —— The most widely used language in the world

    Java grammar rules are similar to C . In a sense, Java is from C and C language. Come from. Like C#and Matlab, Java is an interpreted language, which means that it will not be merged into the machine language code. Instead, the Java virtual machine explains instructions during runtime. In theory, based on the Java virtual machine, using Java can use similar code on different machines. But in fact, this is not commonly used, and sometimes the code runs slowly, but the Java programming language is very popular in robotic research.

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