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  1. Bank of China Personal Bank of China Establishment Introduction: BOC E -Order is named by China Bank's brand name for dynamic passage. Dynamic password cards are special hardware for built -in power supply, password -generating chip and display, and automatically updating the dynamic password according to the special algorithm. The system based on this dynamic password technology is also called one -secret (OTP) system, that is, the user's identity verification password is changed. After using it once, the password is invalid. The password at the next login is a completely different new password. As an important two -factor authentication tool, dynamic password cards are widely used in the field of security certification. Dynamic passwords can greatly improve the security of personal online banking/personal mobile banking. The Bank of China Dynamic password is randomly updated every 60 seconds, and the password is displayed as 6 digits.
    The above content is for your reference. Please prevail in business regulations.

    If doubt, please consult the Bank of China online customer service.
    IV, please download and use the Bank of China Mobile Banking APP or BOC Cross -border Go APP to handle related businesses.

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