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  1. Energy -saving and consumption reduction will become the main theme of the IDC industry.
    idc's energy consumption is quite huge. In the context of the climate more and more severe, the whole people go into the context of energy conservation and emission reduction, energy conservation and reduction and PUE value have become the common pursuit of the government and data center industry. Energy -saving innovation in the data center field The proportion of technology will increase from daily, and the proportion of new energy such as wind energy, who can, and photovoltaic will continue to increase.
    The construction of large -scale data centers towards large -scale and intensive development, and the development of super large IDC and small IDC.
    Global IDC development towards intensive and large -scale development. Such large IDCs have the advantages of low cost and low operating costs. Large -scale and intensiveization can give full play to the scale benefits of data centers in terms of resources, energy and management, and reduce deployment and operation and maintenance costs.
    idc towards more intelligent development
    The data center as a digital infrastructure provider to ensure the continuous operation of the entire system and providing computing power support. And technical requirements. Therefore, more intelligent operation and maintenance can be more agile and accurate in fault detection, fault diagnosis, fault detection, etc. In the future, IDC will use artificial intelligence technology to further optimize the operation and maintenance capabilities of the entire IDC.
    The data center 3D visualization solution is suitable for various IDC operation and maintenance management models. It is to gather a variety of complex management system information in a virtual simulation environment. Interactive and control efficiency, reduce time loss and waste of information, and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information.
    In IT visualization of the data center end -to -end, strengthening IT control methods and management levels, including shortening response time acceleration barriers, improving resource utilization and operating efficiency processes, and completing high -efficiency green intelligent operations for data centers. Tu Po software can provide IDC deployment to provide upper -level functions such as digital twin and visualization. It has high -performance engine components, has local refresh, batch agglomeration, image cache, and less DOM elements. Technical Support.
    The purpose of centralized deployment management of many subsystems in data centers, reducing the difficulty of machine room management, and reducing the pressure of machine room operation and dimension. It can also provide flexible solutions for the growth of various business demands.

    3D visual data center computer room centralized monitoring management system to achieve remote centralized monitoring and management of the computer room, dynamically presents equipment alarm information and equipment parameters in real time, quickly locate faulty equipment Transition to the mode of centralized control and management of computers.
    can also combine video fusion technology to integrate the video surveillance screen with the 3D scene through the actual camera in the computer room, so that the operation and maintenance personnel can monitor the scene more clearly and intuitively.
    , as the most important basic resources of the digital economy, the booming data center industry is ushered in a change. This change is the change of products and technology, and even the change of ideas and ideas. The management model that rely on manual operations to operate has not adapted to the information society that develops rapidly in the future. The design and construction of data centers will give birth to more intelligent applications such as similar failures on the basis of standardization. Visualization and other upper layers.

  2. IDC prospects
    -market size growth
    has been driven by national policy guidelines such as "Internet ", big data strategy, digital economy and other national policy guidelines, and the rapid development of mobile Internet. my country's IDC business revenue continues to grow rapidly. Data show that in 2019, the market size of my country's IDC industry reached 156.25 billion yuan, an increase of 27.2%year -on -year; in 2020, according to the Chinese IDC circle, the market size of my country's IDC industry reached 195.8 billion yuan, an increase of 25.3%year -on -year.

    -Development Trend: "Green IDC" trends
    Due to the huge consumption of electricity in the Internet data center In the case, some cities in my country have also restricted the development of IDC from the construction indicators to energy consumption indicators, and encouraged IDC to build a balanced diffusion and green energy saving.
    In order to promote the innovation and development of green technology in my country's data center and accelerate landing applications, the my country Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) and the Green Grid (TGGC) jointly carried out the "Data Center Green Level Evaluation" project;
    2020 In December of the year, documents issued by the four ministries and commissions such as the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that by 2025, the Eastern and Western Data Center will achieve structural balance, and the PUE value of large and large data centers will be reduced to below 1.3; The State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the establishment and improvement of the Economic System of Green Low Carbon Cycling Development Development", which clearly states that it will accelerate the green transformation of the information service industry, do a good job of large and medium -sized data centers, green construction and transformation of network machine rooms, and establish a green operation and maintenance system Wait. In addition, Shanghai, Beijing and other governments have also introduced local policy guidance data centers to reduce PUE values ​​and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.
    It foreseeable, under the background of the policy layer, green environmental protection and low energy conservation will be the main trend of the development of the IDC industry. develop.

    -For more industry related data, please refer to the "China IDC (Internet Data Center) Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report for Foresight Industry Research Institute "

  3. IDC means an Internet data center with a wide prospect. There are always cutting -edge technologies and surprises waiting for you to discover. China's IDC circle is such a platform that reports the latest cutting -edge technology of IDC.

  4. The prospects are good. According to the "Prospective Report on the Organization of the Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning of the Chinese IDC Industry", the Chinese IDC market has grown rapidly in 2014, the market size reached 37.22 billion yuan, and the year -on -year growth rate reached 41.8%. In the past six years, the compound growth rate of China's IDC market has reached 38.6%.

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