【【【I Help】】】 Fox CTD gold coating, the C gear cannot be locked

[[[Help]]] FOX CTD gold coating, the C gear cannot be locked. What is the same as the T file? The line control version, the line is tight to the most.

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  1. The internal tuning of FOX is very different. Generally, it is generally tuned according to the proposal of the company of the production frame. Generally, there are three types of LMH marked on the posterior biliary shell. There are three types of LMH. The capacity also has different frames with different virtual rotation points and large compression ratios. Factory tuning is a low -resistant version of single -rotating points, four links, and small compression ratios. , Different damping the factory tuning, some people say that the stamping platform is very damping, and some people say it is not large. It is normal.

  2. If you can lock it, it is estimated that your FOX is broken! It's the one that can't be locked! A little floating. My understanding! Anyway, many friends have seen this, or they are broken! Don't be tangled!

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